Cultivating healthy lives and resilient communities

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What is cultivating healthy lives and resilient communities

This research looks to discover the life-long betterment of individual and community health and well-being, specifically the impact of social, environmental, and economic determinants.

Research infrastructure for cultivating healthy lives and cultivating healthy lives and resilient communities

The Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE) has significant research infrastructure and most recently added the following:

More successful projects:

  • Web and mobile video-based virtual care solution – ForaHealthyMe Inc.

    Telemedicine, or the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology, is growing and has proven to significantly reduce the factors that drive post-hospital challenges. collaborated with DC to develop tools to empower patients and to provide a decision platform with an integrated telehealth and digital health solution.

  • Co-production: A literature review and environmental scan

    Durham College received funding to conduct a literature review and environmental scan focused on co-production. An emerging social innovation that explores the possibility of improving public service delivery in Durham Region. The study analyzed research findings and interviews with organizations currently employing co-production.

  • Application deployment module – Bykart Software Ltd.

    Chemotherapy Appointment Reservation Manager (CHARM) is the first-ever system developed by ByKart Software Ltd. It was created to help simplify the task of booking chemotherapy treatment appointments, as well as allowing for scheduling optimization over time, by enabling the analysis of performance metrics for use in adjusting the business rules.

  • The impact of social services: A lifespan perspective

    To support the development and application of the Scientist-Practitioner model, The Regional Municipality of Durham, Social Services Department partnered with Durham College’s Office of Research Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE) and the School of Health & Community Services to develop an innovation forum event.

Other successful projects for Cultivating Healthy Lives and Resilient Communities:

  • Medical Device Autoclave Handle – OASYS Healthcare