FastStart is a partnership designed to increase entrepreneurial awareness and skills while helping students create solid business plans that take their products and services to market – quickly and successfully. FastStart enables student entrepreneurs to do the following:

  • Define and refine start-up business ideas and pitches
  • Establish personal connections with industry leaders and mentors
  • Discover the resources and skills required for business creation
  • Create a professional business plan in support of business launch


“If you use resources like FastStart and Spark Centre, that gives you a step up in the right direction from everyone else; be a part of their world and stay with them as long as you can. You meet so many people and the whole system works better with the whole team in it.” – Jeremy

“I didn’t know much about business but it helped me out. I still feel comfortable in knowing that FastStart will always be around and I can always come back for help.” – Jennifer

“Jay was the ultimate mentor. If you seek the help of someone who knows what they are doing take the help because it will be way easier for you.” – Dan

“I felt the Summer Accelerator was a great opportunity. It’s good to hear the program is being offered again in the fall and I strongly encourage anyone seriously considering opening their own business to apply. The information you learn while participating is priceless.” – William Biggar, DC Summer Accelerator participant

“Life and opportunities will become what you make them to be. The opportunity and resources that are provided through FastStart/DC Summer Accelerator cannot be purchased! If you really want to become serious in running/starting a business, this is the program for you.” – Kristof Lindale, DC Summer Accelerator participant

“This is Durham’s Silicon Valley. Being in the atmosphere [and surrounded by] fellow entrepreneurs is electrifying. Everyone supports each other and bounces ideas off each other. No matter if you are a million-dollar company or a bootstrapping startup, everyone is very supportive and everyone works together no matter the size of their company.” – Michael Brideau, DC Summer Accelerator participant

“The Durham College Summer Accelerator was great. It really taught me what I needed to support my business ideas. Working in The VIBE was also a great benefit of the program because it allowed me to work in a positive environment; filled with the people and resources I needed to be successful with my startup.” – Michael Shankar, Belle in a Box / Nich & Mikey

“I had the pleasure of joining the FastStart Winter Accelerator as a mature student. Coming into The VIBE for guidance and motivation while working on my not for profit was great, being involved in an environment where entrepreneurs from different stages can unite creatively is a wonderful experience. I look forward to coming back and continuing to work further on by business endeavors.” – Detriah Canaan, Youth Mirror Image