DC’s IdeaEngine Program

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  • Have a business idea that needs to be developed?
  • Curious about entrepreneurial opportunities?
  • Want to start your own business venture?


IdeaEngine is FastStartDC’s free, online program designed to help our student entrepreneurs focus solely on business idea generation, refinement, and development. Students from any DC program can sign up at any time. This is the intake section, or ‘first step’ of the FastStartDC Program, where we take you from developing your business idea to pitching it – in just three modules!

IdeaEngine Program Information

The program is delivered online through DC Connect. Students will be immediately registered for the course after having an initial meeting with the Entrepreneurship Coordinator. Set up your meeting by sending an email to FastStartDC@durhamcollege.ca

Social Events

Throughout the program, there will be fun, informal, networking or ‘social events’ that will provide participants the opportunity to connect further with advisors, each other, as well as with external community members.

The ‘Pitch’

At the conclusion of the IdeaEngine Program, you will have a developed idea that you are ready to pitch and will be immediately funneled into the one-on-one coaching stream, where you will meet with the program advisors to work on your Business Model and build the marketing materials you will need for your business launch.