Research Themes

While a growing body of theoretical research exists, the effort to convert research output to practice, and the challenge of converting technological advantage to business solution, is where the AI Hub creates value for the businesses who engage with it.

The AI Hub is establishing partnerships with the major technology vendors with commercial AI platforms and our planning, development, and implementation methods and services are adapted to these deployment platforms.  This conversion of latent potential business value, using start-of-the-art systems and practice, is often referred to as “closing the last mile” or by some as the “democratization of artificial intelligence.”

Research Themes

The AI Hub is prioritizing three themes within its research effort:

Implementing AI techniques in Business Solutions.
The creation of AI solutions that improve operational efficiency, competitiveness and productivity. These solutions are both internal as well as customer facing and can be used to automate essential functions.

AI Solutions for Health Care.
The creation of AI solution that enhance care, predict patient behaviour and prescribe caregiver response within the broader health care system. Products are also developed to automate triage and diagnosis work with a specific focus on virtualized medicine and telemedicine solutions.

Methods for the planning, implementation and management of AI systems.
The methods, processes, templates and administration practices required to plan for, develop, and implement AI systems that operate as part of a solution which creates business value. The AI Hub currently works on projects in the financial, legal, retail, health, manufacturing, energy, online learning, blockchain and SaaS sectors.