Intimate Partner Violence Threat Assessment Training

Specialized training for those who work or will work with victims and offenders in the prevention of intimate partner violence is critical.  An understanding of the principles of violence threat assessment and management is necessary for both law enforcement agencies and community service providers alike.  These professionals have to understand and manage the unique circumstances and complex nature of this type of violence. Their ability to identify and understand risk factors can assist in the prevention of violent incidents, which is the ultimate goal.

Learning Outcomes:

In this 1-day workshop, attendees will be introduced to the field of formal threat assessment.  Three general approaches will be explained (unstructured professional judgment, actuarial risk assessment, and structured professional judgment).

Discussion of the threat assessment process will highlight the need for detailed information gathering from multiple sources, multidisciplinary case management teams and transparency in articulation of risk reduction strategies.

The focus of the presentation will be the Brief Spousal Assault Form for the Evaluation of Risk (B-SAFER; Kropp, Hart, & Belfrage, 2005). This structured professional judgment tool enables risk assessors to reach supportable conclusions concerning risk levels, risk factors, and management strategies in a transparent and systematic way.

The attendees will be expected to work together to identify risk factors in a sample case, formulate a summary of risk and identify practical case management suggestions. Adopting a common threat assessment approach across disciplines creates an opportunity to work in partnership and reduce the risk of future harm.  Issues of information sharing, privacy and corporate liability will be included for discussion.


There are 15 to 20 seats available


Location: Online delivery

Saturday, March 12th, 2022
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cost: Current DC student - $140
Alumni or public - $170

To register, call 905.721.3000 and have the course code (CRN).

Payment required at the time of registration

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