Firefighting Interview/Career Coaching

Do you require some guidance, support and coaching through the hiring process?

This personal coaching session will assist in providing you with a stronger approach during your career journey.

If you are a recent graduate, currently in the application stage, candidate testing or at the interview stage to become a firefighter in Canada, we can help.

This 3 hour, individualized 1-on-1 career preparation session will build your professional confidence, help prepare your portfolio and put you in the right directions when it comes to the hiring process.

The Interview is usually the most overlooked underprepared portion of the firefighter recruitment process and typically all candidates are equal at this stage, this is your only chance to sell yourself. Get the edge you need to succeed. Why continue to make the same mistakes over and over? Not being selected for one recruitment could cost you thousands of dollars. Providing mock interviews for over 13 years we know what is required to be successful.

  • The most important element in our mock interview is feedback.  We will teach you how to formulate an answer based on the type of question asked.
  • You will also learn what interview panels are looking for in an answer, specific skills and abilities that can earn you higher marks. Learn how to answer behavioural, situational and traditional questions.
  • When possible mock interviews will focus on a specific department you are interviewing with and developing our questions based on the history of past interviews.

We will work with you on how to prepare a specific firefighter resume and portfolio. We will give examples of both. In addition we will also provide information on how you can make your self a more sellable candidate at the interview table through work, education, community service and physical fitness.

Step-by-step approach in the following areas:

  • Phone, Skype and/or email to point you in the right direction.
  • Fire Service Specific Resumes and Cover letter preparation.
  • Fire Service Portfolio Preparation for specific education, community involvement, volunteering and reference letters.
  • Fire Service Panel Interview preparation.
    • Focusing on behavioural, situatonal, traditional and technical interview questions
  • Any face-to-face meetings will be held at the Oshawa campus.

We will bring the following items to preparation and mentoring sessions:

  • Firefighter application portfolio outlines and examples to showcase the candidates education, skills and community involvement.
  • Mock interview preparation questions and materials.

Sample résumés and cover letters/templates.

Cost: $270 + HST

To book your one-on-one session, please all 905.721.3000

CRN # 15685    - available from September 2019 to December 2019

Once paid, please provide proof of receipt to Trevor Greenall at ( in order to be connected with your Coach to discuss available coaching times.

Neither CIJS nor the instructor can guarantee success in your interview; however, this coaching can help you perform at the best of your ability. Getting hired after receiving this assistance is dependent upon various factors which are assessed by services at your pre-interview, interview, and post-interview stages of your application process.

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