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Lean White Belt

PROJ 1986

Success in establishing a sustainable Lean quality culture is dependent on more than just a committed leadership team and knowledgeable and effective managers. Of equal, if not more importance, is the nurturing of an engaged and supportive front-line team that has embraced the fundamentals of Lean Thinking and understands their role and how they can contribute to promoting a continuous improvement culture.

Lean White Belt is a must for all professionals, whether members of the senior leadership team, management, supervisory, or front-line staff… those who must first understand Lean principles, tools and methods to be better able to play an active role in their organization's quality journey.

This program offers an introduction to Lean principles including defining value from the customer perspective, the identification and classification of waste, the concepts of “pull”, flow, and just in time. Students will learn how to write effective problem statements, be effective members of “kaizen” rapid improvement teams, participate in team “huddles” and appreciate the importance of workplace organization tools and techniques; 5S/6S, visual workplace, and standard work.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Describe and apply five key Lean principles to the workplace.
  • Identify the eight wastes that contribute to non-value added activities in a value stream.
  • Write and effective problem statement using the 5W2H structure
  • Explain the importance of Lean “Huddles” in creating and sustaining a continuous improvement culture that keeps team members informed and accountable.
  • Explain the “kaizen” method for rapidly solving problems over a short timeframe.
  • Apply 5S/6S methods to enable greater workplace efficiency and safety
  • Explain the importance of the visual workplace, including methods and techniques to enable a work environment to become self-ordering, self-explaining, self-regulating and self-improving.
  • Articulate the principles of standard work, its importance and its key components, including takt time and task sequencing.

  • Notes:

  • This course is delivered virtually through an interactive online platform in conjunction with Algonquin College. You require access to a computer with high-speed internet and camera for the duration of each class. By enrolling in this course, you consent to the sharing of your personal information with Algonquin College for registration purposes.
  • Students will receive a course completion certificate directly from Algonquin College upon successful completion of the course.
  • Withdrawals are only accepted up to 3 business days prior to the course start date (withdrawal fees will apply). No refunds or withdrawals are permitted after this date.

    Note: The Lean Belt program is a progressive learning path. Apart from the first course, each course has a prerequisite, the preceding course(s) or equivalent training is required before registering;

  • Lean White Belt – PROJ 1986: no prerequisite
  • Lean Yellow Belt – PROJ 2986: White Belt prerequisite (or equivalent)
  • Lean Green Belt – PROJ 1985: White Belt and Yellow Belt prerequisite (or equivalent)
  • Lean Black Belt – PROJ 2985: White Belt, Yellow Belt, and Green Belt prerequisite (or equivalent)

  • Textbooks:

    • Spring/Summer - None required
    • Fall - None required

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    11214Tue&ThuOctober 18, 2022 to October 20, 202209:00 am - 01:00 pm8Distance EducationTo Be Announced$559.35
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