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Culinary Management, Culinary Skills, Horticulture – Food and Farming, Horticulture Technician, Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management, Hospitality Skills, Special Events management

Rebecca Milburn
Principal, Whitby campus, School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship & Renewable Technology and Centre for Food

Tony Doyle
Associate dean, Centre for Food

Sue Moore
Manager, academic operations
Phone: 905.721.2000 ext. 4040

Mary Pearce
Administrative co-ordinator
Phone: 905.721.2000 ext. 4025

Gayle Anderson
Student advisor
Phone: 905.721.2000 ext. 4144

Amapola Serrano
Administrative assistant
Phone: 905.721.3344

Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology,Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology (fast-track)

Michelle Hutt
Executive Dean
Phone: 905.721.2000 ext. 2319

Barbara Allen
Associate Dean
Phone: 905.721.2000 ext. 2168

Linda Dillon
Administrative co-ordinator
Phone: 905.721.2000 ext. 2545

Mary Sich-Kristof
Student Advisor/Placement Officer
Phone: 905.721.2000 ext. 4248