Starting your online course

Now that you’re ready to begin your online education at Durham College, there are a few things you should prepare for your course start date, including:

  • Review all information on this website.
  • Ensure that you have reliable internet access.
  • Arrange to purchase any needed textbooks or materials.

There are two ways we offer online courses at Durham College. A course is either offered through our in-house DC Connect, or through OntarioLearn which has a different login procedure. Before classes start, you will receive an email giving you the specific information you need to login. Please read the instructions carefully and contact our office if you have any questions. Please note: you will not be able to access your course prior to the start date. For those registering after the official start date, it will take 24 to 48 hours to activate your account.


To watch a video on how to navigate OntarioLearn or DC Connect, please click on the following videos:  

How to login to DC Connect

Students who have never accessed any IT network services:
Your username will be your 9-digit student number and your initial password will be your birthdate in the form MMDDYY.
You should then visit this link to change their password

Students who have accessed IT network services:
Your username continues to be your 9-digit student number and you should attempt to log in using your last remembered network password.
If your account has been disabled and you can remember your previous password, you can change your password by using this link:
If you cannot remember your previous password, you can attempt to reset it by answering your security questions using this link:
If you are having trouble logging in, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 905.721.3333 or by email at

For students registered in the following courses, DC Connect sign in is required.
To access courses on the DC Connect platform, please visit

  • Addictions and Mental Health: Theory & Practice (SSW 4580)
  • Cannabis in the Adult Use Market (BUS 1988)
  • Cannabis Business Operations: Finance & Resource Management (BUS 2986)
  • Cannabis Business Operations: Processing & Testing (BUS 2987)
  • Cannabis Business Operations: Productions Facility Management (BUS 2988)
  • Cannabis Business Operations: Structure of the Industry (BUS 2989)
  • Cannabis Law and Ethics (BUS 1987)
  • Communication Foundations (COMM 1884)
  • Community Partnerships I (FWK 1383)
  • Community Partnerships II (FWK 2383)
  • Curriculum Development I – ECE (CURR 1581)
  • Curriculum Development II – ECE (CURR 2581)
  • Curriculum Development III – ECE (CURR 3581)
  • Crisis Intervention in MHN (NURS 2556)
  • Crisis Intervention for SSW (SSW 2586)
  • ECE Field Placement I & Seminar (FWK 2381)
  • ECE Field Placement II & Seminar (FWK 4387)
  • ECE Field Placement III & Seminar (FWK 6384)
  • ECE Field Placement Prep I (FWKP 1382)
  • ECE Field Placement Prep II (FWKP 2382)
  • Ethics and Professional Practice (ECE 2382)
  • Fundamental Communication Skills (COMM 1888)
  • Importing and Exporting Cannabis (BUS 1989)
  • Introduction to Business Processes (COMP 3284)
  • Issues & Ethics in MHN (NURS 2557)
  • Lifeskills Practice (COUN 2584)
  • Mathematics 1 (MATH 1480)
  • Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals (BUS 1986)
  • Mental Health Nursing, Intro (NURS 1556)
  • Observing the Young Child (CHLD 1383)
  • Personal and Professional Wellness (HLTH 2385)
  • Pharmacology and Behaviour (COUN 1583)
  • Prevention and Identification of Child Abuse (CHLD 3380)
  • Principles of Psychology (PSYC 1551)
  • Professional Development for Entrepreneurs I (ENTR 2282)
  • Professional Development for Entrepreneurs II (ENTR 3384)
  • Professional Practice in Social Service Work (SSW 1584)
  • Record Keeping and Report Writing (WRIT 1582)
  • Research Grant & Proposal Writing (RESR 1383)
  • Social Justice (SSW 4581)
  • Social Welfare Policy (SSW 3581)
  • Special Topics in MHN (NURS 2566)
  • SSW Field Placement I & Seminar (FWK 1587)
  • SSW Field Placement II & Seminar (FWK 2581)
  • SSW Field Placement III & Seminar (FWK 3581)
  • Therapeutic Techniques & Group Therapy (NURS 2558)

You will not be able to access the course until the start date. Please allow 24 hours after registration for the system to update.

How to login to OntarioLearn

Many of our online courses are offered through a consortium of 24 Ontario Colleges called OntarioLearn. Courses are delivered through a variety of software platforms that are all accessed through one login portal.

For OntarioLearn courses, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to and select Login.
  2. Review the Username and Password links on the left side of the screen to determine your login information. Enter your username and password and select Start a Session.
  3. Review all Start-up announcements once you have successfully logged in to the OntarioLearn ePortal.
  4. To access your course(s), click on the course title to connect to the course platform. A new browser window will open and you will be required to re-enter your username and password (it is the same username and password as required in the second step above).
    If your course is to be delivered on the FirstClass platform you will be required to download and install the FirstClass software before you can log in. Select the FirstClass download link and follow the instructions. (You are only required to download and install the software once).
  5. If your course is to be delivered on the Blackboard platform, you must update the Personal Information section to include your email address. Failure to do this means the instructor has no way of contacting you. To update the Blackboard system with your personal email address:
    1. Login to the Blackboard system.
    2. Click on Personal Information, then Edit Personal Information.
    3. In the email field, delete “” and enter your personal email address.
    4. Check to make sure that the information you have entered is correct.
    5. At the bottom of the screen, select Submit.
    6. If you encounter any difficulties, please review the Frequently Asked Questions area for troubleshooting tips or contact the Embanet 24/7 Technical Support Help Desk.