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Intercultural Communication

COMM 1081

Students will learn the definition of culture and be introduced to intercultural communication theories. For example, differences in gestures, personal spaces, and customs. By identifying intercultural issues in North American society, students will discuss how these theories apply to their daily lives and how they can use them to respect differences between cultures. The main objective is to enhance the students' ability to communicate with people from different origins comfortably. Students will be required to communicate with people from other cultures electronically, as well as in person. This course is of interest to workers in health, education, human services and businesses that have regular interactions with people of different cultures.


Software Requirements: Word Processor, Adobe PDF reader.


  • Winter - None required
  • Spring/Summer - None required

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1024214-JAN-20 to 21-APR-2012:00 am - 12:01 am42Online $367.60
1023012-MAY-20 to 18-AUG-2012:00 am - 12:01 am42Online $367.60
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