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Emerging Technologies - By Blockchain Guru

Professional Designation

Professional Designation

Program Description

Blockchain Guru

In our increasingly connected world, digital technologies are transforming all sectors, all areas of organizations and all lives and communities. It is critical to understand and assess the potential of these technologies and how to apply them to meet changing business and market requirements. Durham College is offering a series of courses to help you upskill, re-skill and re-imagine the opportunities of tomorrow.

We are proud to partner with Blockchain Guru, a Canadian company that has been applying machine learning, blockchain and IoT (internet of things) solutions to organizations around the world. They have implemented over 30 emerging technology projects in the last four years and have developed several enterprise scale applications supporting millions of users. Blockchain Guru has also trained thousands of people on the implementation of emerging technologies. As the Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA) Partner for Canada, they are the trainer of choice for a number of Canadian colleges and universities.

In partnership with Blockchain Guru, we offer;

  • Blockchain Foundations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Blockchain Developer - Ethereum

A FREE webinar is offered prior to each course. Giving you the opportunity to ask questions to subject matter experts to learn about the content that will be coved in the course and value it can offer you and your organization.

To learn more about the course offerings please click on the links below.

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Currently offered

Course Title Location/
Delivery Method
DIGI 1082Blockchain Developer - Ethereum - Blockchain GuruDistance Education
DIGI 0002Blockchain Developer - Ethereum Free Webinar - Blockchain GuruDistance Education
DIGI 1081Blockchain Foundations - Blockchain GuruDistance Education
DIGI 1080Digital Transformation - Blockchain GuruDistance Education
DIGI 0000Digital Transformation Free Webinar - Blockchain GuruDistance Education