B Virtual FAQs

OntarioLearn now is offering an optional live online proctoring for your final exam. With OntarioLearn, Durham College has selected B Virtual to support you with this service.

B Virtual is the global leader in online proctoring services for academic institutions, professional associations, and government institutions.

B Virtual Proctoring FAQs

What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring is a digitally supervised online exam administered through the Internet and student’s web camera.

What technology is required by the student?

A webcam, access to the internet, and audio capabilities.  That’s it.

Is a special webcam needed, or will any 640 x 480 camera work?

Any 640x 480 web camera is sufficient.

What is the minimum bandwidth required to successfully complete an exam session?

We suggest a minimum bandwidth of 3Mbps.

What type of audio is required?

We require that you have your audio on and available during your exam, which can be accomplished through a standard headset, utilization of your existing microphone and speakers or a built-in microphone in your webcam.

Are firewalls an issue?

It’s possible, but firewalls are rarely a problem.  You will have the chance to test your system before the exam begins.

How is authority to provide remote access granted by the user?

The user is required to click a button to allow the proctor to access their computer.   It is a simple applet, similar to many online conferencing applets.

Will any ports on the computer need to be “open” to run the exam session?

No ports are required to be open to run the exam session.   Only a web browser is required.

Is a software installation required for remote access?

No.  An applet will run on the computer while connected to the proctor.

When is support available for the online exam process and technology check?

B-Virtual offer 24/7 support!  Meaning, full live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Tel: 877-238-0245

Are students required to have any special knowledge or computer skills?


How do you protect privacy?

All of the information collected during the exam is done so securely.  The online proctored exam information is stored in a fully secure environment.

What happens if I am disconnected during my online proctored exam?

When we first connect to your computer, we will enable our technology to automatically reconnect to you in the event you or your proctor are disconnected in any way during the online proctored exam.  Of course, rules will be established as to how long the connection loss will be allowed before the exam is halted, to ensure the connection loss is not deliberate.  

How long does it take to get started before I can take my online exam?

It typically takes about 15 minutes for our proctors to set your system up to allow remote proctoring.  Most of this time is spent explaining the proctoring processes and requirements for taking the online exam.

Can I test my system prior to my exam?

Yes, you can test your system at any time 24 hours a day to insure your system works properly.

Does the proctoring work on MACs or Linux?

Yes, we can provide online proctoring for those systems as well.

How will the video be used during my online proctored exam?

The webcam is designed to monitor the immediate surroundings and insure you are taking the exam by yourself.   We randomly ask that you rotate your webcam so we can validate your surroundings. 

How much does it cost for each online exam?

The price for each online exam paid by the student is $30.  The payment transaction is between the individual student and B-Virtual.  The student initiates the transaction from within the B-Virtual SmarterProctoring tool when they schedule an exam session.  

How do I schedule my online proctored exam?

In your Live Online Proctoring Center, you may click on the section entitled Schedule Your Exam.   You will then register with your email address and see the Proctors availability 24 hours a day.  Simply click on the available desired time slot to schedule your exam session. You will pay for this service ($30) independently.  You may still choose to take the online exam at a test centre and not use this virtual service.

How do you authenticate the student?

We require that the student provide a photo ID within the video meeting room we establish.  This gives us visual confirmation of who the student is against their registration information (name, picture, address).

Are secondary/overflow monitors allowed?

No.  They must be disconnected from the computer and turned away or covered during the exam.

How easy is this to use?

We have designed our solution to be very student friendly.  There is no software to install, and other than a webcam, the students only need internet access.  Once they establish their initial connection our proctors navigate for them to the web pages and other areas required for the proctored exam.  Our focus is on the student insuring they are prepared for the exam, not worried about technology and connecting to the proctors. We also have a pre-exam test site where students/faculty can go to in order to test their connections so that when it is time to take the exam the students are ready to go. 

What type of support do you offer?

We have a 24 hour a day support line that students and faculty can contact for questions.  Select Contact Support in the Live Online Proctor Centre. 

Before Scheduling your test

It’s important that you know what is required and expected of you before you schedule your test/exam with B Virtual.

In order to minimize the impact on your exam time, opportunity and wallet:

    Your test-writing environment must pass the minimum requirements. If your writing environment or computer are unacceptable, you may forfeit your chance to write your test and your registration fee. You need a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, microphone, speakers (or headset), and a hi-speed Internet connection. You can see if your computer meets the technical requirements here: Test system now. The computer system you use for the test must meet these requirements.  Important Note:  Tablets (i.e. iPads) and smartphones are not compatible.  A WIRED network connection is strongly recommended.
  • Make sure you have a quiet secure room to write your test in. Your proctor will have you rotate your webcam 360 degrees to ensure that your area meets these requirements.
    • You cannot be in a public location to write your test.
    • You cannot have anyone in the room with you.
    • Your desk area must be free of electronic devices (e.g., cell phone or another computer/laptop), books and paper.
  • Make sure you have valid government photo ID or your Durham College student card. Your proctor will need to see photo ID to verify your identity.  You cannot continue without valid identification.
  • Ensure you have a valid credit card available to make your payment when you schedule your test.

Scheduling your test

  1. Go to the content area of the course.
  2. Select the SmarterProctoring content module.
  3. Click on the SmarterProctoring content item.
  4. Select the Open in new window button.
  5. If this is your first time accessing SmarterProctoring, you will need to fill out some information.
    1. Select the Begin Registration button.
    2. Select if you would like to receive SMS Notifications.  Note Currently SmarterProctoring does not have SMS notifications implemented, however it is planned for a future update.
    3. Enter in your postal code.
    4. Select your time zone.
    5. Select the Save Registration button.
  6. Select the Schedule button for the exam you would like to make an appointment for.
  7. Read through step 1 and test your computer to ensure that it meets the system requirements.  Note You can also test your system here.
  8. If your computer passes the system check, select the “Click Here” button from Step 2.
  9. Select an available time slot to write your quiz. Alternatively, you can also manually search for a date/time by selecting the Not available any of these times? Click here to search manually link.
  10. After selecting a date, you will be prompted with a Payment screen. Fill in the required fields to proceed with the payment.

You have now successfully scheduled an appointment with B Virtual.

Note You can reschedule or cancel your appointment if needed.