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eLearning Developer (Certificate)


Currently offered

Course Title Location
COMP 1884A+ Essentials - HardwareOnline
COMP 1885A+ Essentials - Operating System SoftwareOnline
ACCT 4081ACAF - Accounting Software ApplicationOnline
ACCT 3082ACAF - Advanced Financial ReportingOnline
ACCT 4082ACAF - Applied External AuditOnline
ACCT 4083ACAF - Applied Personal and Corporate TaxationOnline
ACCT 3083ACAF - Audit and AssuranceOnline
ACCT 5080ACAF - Business ApplicationsOnline
LAW 2088ACAF - Business LawOnline
ACCT 3084ACAF - Corporate FinanceOnline
ETHC 4080ACAF - Ethics and Workplace SkillsOnline
COMP 3080ACAF - Information TechnologyOnline
ACCT 3080ACAF - Intermediate Financial Reporting 1Online
ACCT 4080ACAF - Intermediate Financial Reporting 2Online
ACCT 3081ACAF - Intermediate Management AccountingOnline
ACCT 2080ACAF - Introductory Financial AccountingOnline
ACCT 2081ACAF - Introductory Management AccountingOnline
ACCT 4084ACAF - Not-for-Profit AccountingOnline
ACCT 4085ACAF - Public Sector Financial ManagementOnline
ACCT 3085ACAF - TaxationOnline
DISP 1380APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator 1Online
COUN 2580Abnormal PsychologyOnline
COUN 2580Abnormal PsychologyMonthly Intake Online
COMM 2785Academic Writing for Success StrategiesMonthly Intake Online
COMM 2785Academic Writing for Success StrategiesOnline
WIND 2287Access AdvancedOnline
WIND 1282Access IntroductionOnline
ACCT 1290Accounting ICorrespondence
ACCT 1280Accounting IOnline
ACCT 1280Accounting IMonthly Intake Online
ACCT 4288Accounting I (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
ACCT 4298Accounting I (HURM)Correspondence
ACCT 4288Accounting I (HURM)Online
ACCT 2280Accounting IIOnline
ACCT 2290Accounting IICorrespondence
ACCT 2280Accounting IIMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 3083AcquisitionsOnline
RIM 2080Active Records ManagementOnline
ECRC 1081Adapting & Modifying Curriculum PracticesOnline
EDUC 2084Adaptive Computer Technology in EducationOnline
SSW 4580Addictions & Mental Health: Theory & Practice (for SSW)Distance Education
ADMH 1381Addictions and Mental HealthOnline
TEAC 1980Adult LearningMonthly Intake Online
TEAC 1980Adult LearningOnline
TEAC 2983Adults with Learning DisabilitiesOnline
ACCT 6281Advanced Financial AccountingOnline
HLT 6789Aging IntroductionOnline
HOME 1887Air Conditioning and Heat Pump InspectionOnline
ASEV 1380Alignment and Assessment StrategiesOnline
GNED 1181AnthropologyOnline
LIBR 1083ArchivesOnline
STPC 4580Assembly, Wrapping and Packaging of Instrumentation, Supplies and Patient Care EquipmentMonthly Intake Online
TEAC 4980Assessment & EvaluationMonthly Intake Online
TEAC 4980Assessment & EvaluationOnline
HLT 7798Assessment & Planning for the Aging AdultCorrespondence
SCI 1080AstronomyOnline
ACCT 3281Auditing 1Online
ACCT 4281Auditing 2Online
EDUC 4080Autism Spectrum Disorder - Assisting Student Development for Educational SupportOnline
SAPS 1280Behaviour Management & Crisis InterventionOnline
EDUC 2082Behaviour and Mental Health ExceptionalitiesOnline
FOOD 1082Between Farm and Table: Local Food Businesses and CooperativesOnline
CCSC 1280Building and Maintaining Customer RelationshipsOnline
DATA 1283Business Analysis and Assessments IOnline
DATA 2283Business Analysis and Assessments IIOnline
COMP 1289Business Computer Applications IOnline
COMP 1289Business Computer Applications IMonthly Intake Online
COMP 2289Business Computer Applications IIOnline
COMP 2289Business Computer Applications IIMonthly Intake Online
SALE 3281Business Development for Entrepreneurship & Small BusinessOnline
ACCT 5282Business Finance IOnline
ACCT 6282Business Finance IIOnline
LAW 2280Business LawMonthly Intake Online
LAW 2280Business LawOnline
MGMT 1288Business Management IntroductionOnline
MATH 1282Business MathOnline
MATH 1292Business MathematicsCorrespondence
COMM 1283Business Report WritingOnline
BUS 1981Business of TomorrowOnline
PFP 8101Canadian Criminal Justice SystemOnline
POL 1080Canadian PoliticsOnline
CSC 1280Canadian Securities Course I (7 weeks)Monthly Intake Online
CSC 1280Canadian Securities Course I (7 weeks)Online
CSC 2280Canadian Securities Course II (7 weeks)Monthly Intake Online
BUS 2986Cannabis Business Operations: Finance and Resource ManagementDistance Education
BUS 2987Cannabis Business Operations: Processing and TestingDistance Education
BUS 2988Cannabis Business Operations: Production Facility ManagementDistance Education
BUS 2989Cannabis Business Operations: Structure of the IndustryDistance Education
BUS 2985Cannabis Business Operations: Tracking SystemsDistance Education
BUS 1988Cannabis In The Adult Use Market (interactive online simulcast)Distance Education
BUS 1987Cannabis Law and Ethics (interactive online simulcast)Distance Education
HLT 6781Caregiving SkillsOnline
GER 1594Case Management for Elder IssuesCorrespondence
CASE 1581Case Management in AddictionsOnline
MKTG 3288Channel and Retail MarketingOnline
CHLD 2380Child Development IOnline
CHLD 3383Child Development IIOnline
WRIT 1981Children's Literature IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
WRIT 1981Children's Literature IntroductionOnline
LIBR 2080Circulation and Inter-Library LoanOnline
EDUC 3084Classroom SkillsOnline
PSYC 1082Co-Dependency as an AddictionOnline
MLCP 1181Coaching and Developing PeopleOnline
CHLD 1084Cognitive Development, Trauma and Loss - Children's Health FocusOnline
DESN 1380Collaborative Frameworks: Working with Subject Matter ExpertsOnline
CARE 1587Comfort MeasuresOnline
CNST 1084Commercial Construction PrinciplesOnline
GER 1595Communication & Health PromotionCorrespondence
HLT 6780Communication & Interpersonal SkillsOnline
COMM 1780Communication EssentialsDistance Education
EDUC 3082Communication ExceptionalitiesOnline
COMM 1884Communication FoundationsDistance Education
HOME 1880Communication and Professional PracticesOnline
FSW 1580Communication and the Food Service WorkerMonthly Intake Online
FSW 1580Communication and the Food Service WorkerOnline
LDS 1080Communications - LDSMonthly Intake Online
LDS 1080Communications - LDSOnline
COMM 2294Communications for Business ICorrespondence
COMM 2284Communications for Business IOnline
COMM 2284Communications for Business IMonthly Intake Online
COMM 3282Communications for Business IIOnline
EDUC 1084Communications for Educational SupportMonthly Intake Online
EDUC 1084Communications for Educational SupportOnline
COMM 1580Communications for Health Care ProfessionalsOnline
FWK 1383Community Partnerships IDistance Education
FWK 2383Community Partnerships IIDistance Education
HRM 3280Compensation ManagementOnline
HRM 3280Compensation ManagementMonthly Intake Online
HRM 5280Compensation Management (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
HRM 5280Compensation Management (HURM)Online
GNED 1489Complementary Therapies IntroductionOnline
GER 1593Complex Family DynamicsCorrespondence
COMP 3282Computer Applications for Human ResourcesOnline
COMP 2287Computer Applications in MarketingOnline
COMP 1083Computer/Keyboarding Skills IOnline
COMP 1281Computers an IntroductionOnline
COMP 1281Computers an IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
CNST 1082Construction Blueprints and MethodsOnline
CNST 1087Construction Contract Bid ManagementOnline
CNST 1088Construction Job Site ManagementOnline
MLCP 1180Continuous Improvement ProcessOnline
WELL 1086Coping with Death: Counselling, Support Groups and Alternative TherapiesOnline
LAW 2081Corporate Law Procedures (formerly Corporate Practice and Procedure)Online
LASA 1380CorrectionsOnline
CNST 1085Cost Estimating, Introduction toOnline
RN 2583Counselling Skills in OncologyOnline
DESN 1381Course Design for Hybrid DeliveryOnline
WEB 1084Creating WordPress WebsitesFast Track Online
CCSC 1281Creating a Corporate Service CultureOnline
LDS 1081Creative & Critical Thinking - LDSOnline
LAW 1288Criminal Law - Legal AdministrationOnline
PSYC 2080Criminal Psychology - Criminal MindsOnline
PSYC 1080Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic MindsOnline
PFP 8201CriminologyOnline
PFP 8201CriminologyMonthly Intake Online
COMM 2382Crisis Intervention - Emergency CommunicationsOnline
SSW 2586Crisis Intervention for SSWDistance Education
NURS 2556Crisis Intervention in Mental Health NursingDistance Education
ENG 1080Critical ThinkingMonthly Intake Online
ENG 1080Critical ThinkingOnline
CRIM 1080Cults and TerrorismOnline
MGMT 1580Current Issues in Health Care AdministrationOnline
PSR 2584Current Trends in Mental HealthOnline
TEAC 2980Curriculum DevelopmentOnline
TEAC 2980Curriculum DevelopmentMonthly Intake Online
CURR 1581Curriculum Development I - Early Childhood EducationDistance Education
CURR 2581Curriculum Development II - Early Childhood EducationDistance Education
CURR 3581Curriculum Development III - Early Childhood EducationDistance Education
SERV 1383Customer Service & EthicsOnline
DATA 1282Data Analysis Tools for AnalyticsOnline
DATA 1280Data Analysis, Introduction toOnline
DATA 1281Data Collection and Data ManagementOnline
LIBR 2081Database Design for Information WorkersOnline
STPC 3580Decontamination Principles, Procedures and Practices in Sterile ProcessingOnline
HLT 6681Dementia Care OverviewOnline
HLT 6798Dementia Studies Field PlacementCorrespondence
BDES 1381Design BasicsOnline
GIS 1082Designing and Managing a Geographic Information SystemOnline
CCSC 1282Developing Client Service TeamsOnline
MLCP 1182Developing Effective TeamsOnline
PSYC 2580Development across the LifespanOnline
PSYC 2580Development across the LifespanMonthly Intake Online
RN 2081Diabetes Education: Approaches in PracticeOnline
RN 1080Diabetes: The BasicsOnline
RN 4081Diabetes: Throughout the LifespanOnline
MKTG 4287Digital MarketingOnline
TECH 1380Digital PedagogyOnline
STPC 5580Disinfection and Sterilization Concepts and TechniquesOnline
HRM 2282Dispute ResolutionOnline
SSW 2581Diversity & Cultural CompetenceOnline
DIVS 1380Diversity and Victimology I: Aboriginal PeoplesOnline
DIVS 2380Diversity and Victimology II: Understanding PopulationsOnline
RIM 1082Document Management TechnologyOnline
GNED 1483Domestic and Workplace ViolenceOnline
MEDA 2380Dreamweaver AdvancedOnline
MEDA 1380Dreamweaver IntroductionOnline
PHAR 1583Drug Knowledge - Addictions and Behaviour ChangesMonthly Intake Online
PHAR 1584Drug Knowledge - The Continuum of CareOnline
PROG 3283Dynamic Web Sites with AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP)Online
EBUS 1282E-Business An IntroductionOnline
EBUS 1282E-Business An IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
FWK 2381Early Childhood Education Field Placement I & SeminarDistance Education
FWK 4387Early Childhood Education Field Placement II & SeminarDistance Education
FWK 6384Early Childhood Education Field Placement III & SeminarDistance Education
FWKP 1382Early Childhood Education Field Placement Preparation IDistance Education
FWKP 2382Early Childhood Education Field Placement Preparation IIDistance Education
ECE 1381Early Childhood Education Practices IntroductionOnline
ECON 1280Economics I (Macroeconomics)Online
ECON 1280Economics I (Macroeconomics)Monthly Intake Online
ECON 2280Economics II (Microeconomics)Online
ECON 2280Economics II (Microeconomics)Monthly Intake Online
EDUC 3081Educational Support Placement IOnline
EDUC 3083Educational Support Placement IIOnline
EDUC 4083Educational Support Placement IIIOnline
EDUC 2088Educational Support Placement PreparationOnline
HOME 1885Electrical InspectionOnline
LIBR 1085Electronic Publishing and Emerging TechnologiesOnline
MGMT 2389Emergency ManagementOnline
HRM 2280Employee Labour RelationsMonthly Intake Online
HRM 2280Employee Labour RelationsOnline
LABR 5282Employee Labour Relations (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
LABR 5282Employee Labour Relations (HURM)Online
LAW 1284Employment LawOnline
LDS 1082Employment Law for Leadership Development - LDSOnline
ECRC 3083Empowering Families Through Strength-Based ApproachesOnline
ENG 1081English 1Online
ENG 1081English 1Monthly Intake Online
ENTR 1281Entrepreneurship IMonthly Intake Online
ENTR 1281Entrepreneurship IOnline
ENTR 4280Entrepreneurship IIOnline
ENVI 1580Environment Management IntroductionOnline
ENVI 1080Environmental CitizenshipMonthly Intake Online
ENVI 1080Environmental CitizenshipOnline
ENVI 2580Environmental ServicesOnline
HLTS 1083ErgonomicsOnline
OHN 1086Ergonomics & Disability ManagementOnline
CARE 1582Ethical, Legal & Spiritual ConcernsOnline
HLT 6784Ethics & LegalitiesOnline
ECE 2382Ethics and Professional PracticeDistance Education
ECE 2382Ethics and Professional PracticeOnline
ETHC 1581Ethics in Health Care AdministrationOnline
HLT 6785Evaluation & Program PlanningOnline
ECRC 2081Evidence Informed Decision MakingOnline
SPRD 2282Excel AdvancedMonthly Intake Online
SPRD 2282Excel AdvancedOnline
SPRD 2281Excel IntroductionOnline
SPRD 2281Excel IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
CHLD 3382Exceptionalities Introduction - Early Childhood EducationOnline
HOME 1881Exterior InspectionOnline
COUN 3581Family & Family SystemsOnline
LAW 2082Family LawOnline
CHLD 1087Family Relationships and Their Impact on Psychiatric DisordersOnline
FWKH 6251Field Placement - H.R. Graduate CertificateOffsite
ECRC 2080Field Placement I (ECE Resource Consulting)Online
ECRC 4080Field Placement II (ECE Resource Consulting)Online
FWKH 6252Field Placement-HR DiplomaOffsite
FOOD 1080Field to Fork: Introduction to Local and Global Food SystemsOnline
LDS 1083Finance - LDSOnline
FIN 2580Financial Management-Retirement CommunitiesOnline
FIN 1580Financial Practices for Health Care OrganizationsOnline
HLTH 1589Fire ProtectionOnline
MEDA 1381Flash IntroductionOnline
NUTR 2580Food Nutrition and Hospitality ManagementOnline
FOOD 1083Food Security and Food Justice in CanadaOnline
FOOD 1081Food System Trends and Policy in Canada TodayOnline
PSYC 1981Forensic PsychologyOnline
ADDC 1580Foundations in Addictions: Signs and SymptomsOnline
EDUC 1081Foundations of EducationOnline
LANG 1986Francais EcritOnline
LANG 1982French 1Monthly Intake Online
LANG 1982French 1Online
LANG 2982French 2Online
LANG 3982French 3Online
LANG 4982French 4Online
LANG 5982French 5Online
COMM 1888Fundamental Communication SkillsDistance Education
LIBR 1086Genre Fiction & Readers' Advisory ServiceOnline
GIS 1250Geographic Information Systems IntroductionOnline
GIS 2250Geographic Information Systems Software - ArcviewOnline
GIS 1282Global Positioning SystemsOnline
COUN 3583Group DynamicsOnline
CHLD 1382Guidance of The Young ChildOnline
PROG 1288HTML IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
PROG 1288HTML IntroductionOnline
OHN 2080Health & Safety Management for Occupational Health NursesOnline
HASS 3580Health AssessmentOnline
OPER 1580Health Care OperationsOnline
OFFC 1580Health Records ManagementOnline
OHN 1083Health and Safety Legislation for Occupational Health NursesOnline
OHN 1085Health in the WorkplaceOnline
GER 1080Healthy Adult AgingOnline
HOME 1884Heating Inspection IOnline
HOME 2884Heating Inspection IIOnline
HUMA 1580Human DevelopmentMonthly Intake Online
LDS 1084Human Relations - LDSOnline
LIBR 1087Human Relations and SupervisionOnline
HCAP 6250Human Resources Capstone ProjectOffsite
HRM 1283Human Resources Management PrinciplesOnline
HRM 1283Human Resources Management PrinciplesMonthly Intake Online
HRM 4281Human Resources Management Principles (HURM)Online
HRM 4281Human Resources Management Principles (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
HRM 2580Human Resources Management and Labour RelationsOnline
HRM 3284Human Resources PlanningOnline
HRM 3284Human Resources PlanningMonthly Intake Online
HRM 5284Human Resources Planning (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
HRM 5284Human Resources Planning (HURM)Online
CHLD 4581Human SexualityMonthly Intake Online
CHLD 4581Human SexualityOnline
STPC 2580Identification, Care and Handling of Instrumentation in Sterile ProcessingMonthly Intake Online
CRIM 1386Impact of CrimeOnline
BUS 1989Importing and Exporting Cannabis (interactive online simulcast)Distance Education
EDUC 2083Inclusion and Cultural DiversityOnline
FIN 4080Income Tax PlanningOnline
PSR 3585Independent Study in Mental Health RehabilitationOnline
LIBR 5082Indexing and Subject AnalysisOnline
HLTS 1082Industrial HygieneOnline
LIBR 1081Information Technology for Library TechniciansOnline
FSW 1585Institutional Food Service (Formerly Role of the Food Service Worker)Online
FSW 1585Institutional Food Service (Formerly Role of the Food Service Worker)Monthly Intake Online
TEAC 1380Instructional Design for Online LearningOnline
TEAC 3980Instructional TechniquesMonthly Intake Online
TEAC 3980Instructional TechniquesOnline
COMM 3283Integrated Marketing Communication IOnline
COMM 4283Integrated Marketing Communication IIOnline
COMM 1081Intercultural CommunicationOnline
HOME 1888Interior/Insulation InspectionOnline
ACCT 3280Intermediate Accounting IOnline
ACCT 4280Intermediate Accounting IIOnline
ACCT 5283Intermediate Accounting IIIOnline
MKTG 2282International BusinessOnline
INTN 1881Internet MappingOnline
HR 1383Interpersonal CommunicationsOnline
SSW 1582Interviewing Skills 1Online
SSW 2582Interviewing Skills IIOnline
COMP 3284Introduction to Business ProcessesDistance Education
LIBR 3087Introduction to Metadata and Metadata ApplicationsOnline
SOMT 1281Introduction to Social MediaOnline
SOMT 1281Introduction to Social MediaMonthly Intake Online
INV 2280Inventory ManagementOnline
NURS 2557Issues & Ethics in Mental Health NursingDistance Education
PROG 4286Java IntermediateOnline
PROG 3286Java IntroductionOnline
PROG 2283JavaScriptOnline
TEAC 1381LMS PlatformsOnline
LAW 3280Law Clerks - LitigationOnline
LAW 1280Law Clerks - Real EstateOnline
LAW 1580Law and Health Care AdministrationOnline
MGMT 1581Leadership in Health Care AdministrationOnline
LDS 1086Leading Responsibly - LDSOnline
LDS 1085Leading Teams - LDSOnline
PROD 4282Lean SystemsOnline
CARE 2583Learning From Death and DyingOnline
EDUC 1088Learning Strategies For Educational SupportOnline
ACCT 1381Legal Accounting Procedures (formerly PC Law Accounting - Legal Administration)Online
LAW 1080Legal Office ProceduresOnline
TERM 1380Legal TerminologyOnline
GER 1591Legal and Ethical Issues Related to AgingCorrespondence
HLTS 1080Legislation for Health & SafetyOnline
LIBR 1080Libraries IntroductionOnline
LIBR 4082Library ClassificationOnline
LIBR 2087Library Financial Management & BudgetingOnline
LIBR 3085Library Programming, Marketing and AdvocacyOnline
LIBR 5089Library Technician Field Work IOnline
LIBR 5089Library Technician Field Work IMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 6089Library Technician Field Work IIOnline
LIBR 6089Library Technician Field Work IIMonthly Intake Online
COUN 2584Lifeskills PracticeDistance Education
COUN 2585Lifeskills TheoryOnline
ENG 1384LiteratureOnline
LAW 2083Litigation Practice and Procedure IOnline
LAW 3083Litigation Practice and Procedure IIOnline
RN 1587Living with Chronic Kidney DiseaseOnline
RN 3081Living with DiabetesOnline
ACCT 5281Management Information SystemsOnline
CCA 1585Management Leadership SkillsOnline
CCA 1585Management Leadership SkillsMonthly Intake Online
MGMT 1280Management PrinciplesOnline
MGMT 1280Management PrinciplesMonthly Intake Online
MGMT 1582Management of Human Resources in HealthOnline
ACCT 5288Managerial Accounting (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
ACCT 5288Managerial Accounting (HURM)Online
ACCT 3285Managerial Accounting I (formerly Cost Accounting I)Monthly Intake Online
ACCT 3285Managerial Accounting I (formerly Cost Accounting I)Online
ACCT 4283Managerial Accounting II (formerly Cost Accounting II)Online
ACCT 4283Managerial Accounting II (formerly Cost Accounting II)Monthly Intake Online
ACCT 5285Managerial Accounting III (formerly Managerial Cost Accounting)Online
ACCT 2281Managerial Accounting for HROnline
ACCT 2281Managerial Accounting for HRMonthly Intake Online
LDS 1087Managing Change - LDSOnline
TEAC 1382Managing an eLearning ProjectOnline
MKTG 1290Marketing ICorrespondence
MKTG 1280Marketing IMonthly Intake Online
MKTG 1280Marketing IOnline
MKTG 2290Marketing IICorrespondence
MKTG 2280Marketing IIOnline
LAW 2288Marketing Law & EthicsOnline
MKTG 3284Marketing Research TechniquesOnline
MAPL 2280Master Planning for Operations/ProductionOnline
CNST 1086Materials Estimating and MethodsOnline
EDUC 1082Math in an Educational SettingOnline
PROG 3282Medical Billing 1Online
BUS 1986Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals (interactive online simulcast)Distance Education
MEDO 1080Medical Conditions for Medical Office StaffOnline
NURS 2584Medical KeyboardingOnline
MEDO 1084Medical Office ProceduresOnline
NURS 1584Medical Terminology - Level 1Monthly Intake Online
NURS 1584Medical Terminology - Level 1Online
NURS 2585Medical Terminology Level 2 (Pronunciation)Online
TRAN 4281Medical Transcription AdvancedOnline
TRAN 4584Medical Transcription FundamentalsOnline
TRAN 3281Medical Transcription IntroductionOnline
TRAN 3584Medical Transcription Styles & PracticesOnline
NURS 1556Mental Health Nursing, IntroductionDistance Education
PSR 1580Mental Health PracticesOnline
NURS 3557Mental Health PracticumOffsite
PSR 2581Mental Health Practitioner RoleOnline
PSR 1581Mental Health Rehabilitation FoundationOnline
RN 3588Mentored Knowledge Integration Project - NephrologyOnline
WIND 1880Microsoft Office 2013Online
CARE 1584Mourning, Grief and Bereavement: Reactions and Responses to DeathOnline
TEAC 1383Multimedia for Online LearningOnline
NETW 1182Network +Online
RN 1588Normal and Abnormal Kidney FunctionOnline
RN 1589Nursing Care Across the Kidney Disease TrajectoryOnline
FSW 1582Nutrition in Health CareOnline
FSW 1582Nutrition in Health CareMonthly Intake Online
FSW 1581Nutrition, Introduction for the Food Service WorkerMonthly Intake Online
FSW 1581Nutrition, Introduction for the Food Service WorkerOnline
CHLD 1383Observing The Young ChildDistance Education
OHN 1081Occupational Health & Health SurveillanceOnline
HLTH 4280Occupational Health & Safety (HURM)Online
HLTH 4280Occupational Health & Safety (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
OHN 1080Occupational Health Nursing IntroductionOnline
OHN 4080Occupational Health Nursing ProjectOnline
HLTH 3280Occupational Health and SafetyMonthly Intake Online
HLTH 3280Occupational Health and SafetyOnline
OFFC 1280Office Technology & ProceduresMonthly Intake Online
OFFC 1280Office Technology & ProceduresOnline
RN 3593Oncology Nursing Field Placement - RNCorrespondence
RPN 3590Oncology Nursing Field Placement - RPNCorrespondence
LIBR 2086Online SearchingOnline
OPER 1581Operational OverviewOnline
OPER 1280Operations Management IOnline
OPER 1280Operations Management IMonthly Intake Online
OPER 2280Operations Management IIOnline
HRM 3281Organizational Behaviour For H.R. ProfessionalsMonthly Intake Online
HRM 3281Organizational Behaviour For H.R. ProfessionalsOnline
HRM 4283Organizational Behaviour for Human Resources Management (HURM)Online
HRM 4283Organizational Behaviour for Human Resources Management (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
HRM 3285Organizational Change and LeadershipOnline
ORGS 5281Organizational StudiesOnline
CARE 1580Orientation to Palliative CareOnline
CARE 1581Palliative Care CommunicationsOnline
CARE 2591Palliative Care Field PlacementCorrespondence
ECE 3381Partnership with ParentsOnline
ACCT 2283Payroll AdministrationOnline
ACCT 2283Payroll AdministrationMonthly Intake Online
LDS 1088Performance Management - LDSOnline
NURS 1581Perioperative Nursing IOnline
NURS 2581Perioperative Nursing IIOnline
NURS 3581Perioperative Nursing IIIOnline
NURS 4581Perioperative Nursing IVOnline
EDUC 2080Personal & Interpersonal DynamicsOnline
HLTH 2385Personal and Professional WellnessDistance Education
PSYC 1083Personality PsychologyOnline
COUN 1583Pharmacology & BehaviourDistance Education
MEDO 1085Pharmacology for Medical Office ProfessionalsOnline
PHAR 1582Pharmacology of AddictionsOnline
ECE 4380Philosophies of Early Childhood EducationOnline
PHOT 1382Photoshop 1Online
EDUC 4082Physical and Multiple ExceptionalitiesOnline
HLT 7789Physiology of AgingOnline
HOME 1886Plumbing InspectionOnline
PFP 8105Political ScienceOnline
PFP 8215Politics and Public AdministrationOnline
GNED 1492Popular Culture and the MediaOnline
WIND 1281PowerPointOnline
CHLD 3380Prevention & Identification of Child AbuseDistance Education
CHLD 1088Prevention and Intervention Strategies - Children's Mental HealthOnline
PSYC 1551Principles of PsychologyDistance Education
PURC 2280Principles of PurchasingOnline
SALE 3280Principles of SalesOnline
PROD 3281Production SystemsOnline
ENTR 2282Professional Development for Entrepreneurs IDistance Education
ETHC 1580Professional Ethics of AddictionsMonthly Intake Online
SSW 1584Professional Practice in SSWDistance Education
PROG 1281Programming for Absolute BeginnersOnline
LDS 1089Project Management - LDSOnline
PROJ 2280Project Management Contracting and ProcurementMonthly Intake Online
PROJ 2280Project Management Contracting and ProcurementOnline
PROJ 2283Project Management Definition and PlanningMonthly Intake Online
PROJ 2283Project Management Definition and PlanningOnline
PROJ 4280Project Management Directed StudiesMonthly Intake Online
PROJ 4280Project Management Directed StudiesOnline
PROJ 1280Project Management IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
PROJ 1280Project Management IntroductionOnline
PROJ 3280Project Management Risk Control and Quality ManagementMonthly Intake Online
PROJ 3280Project Management Risk Control and Quality ManagementOnline
PROJ 1281Project Management Scheduling SoftwareMonthly Intake Online
PROJ 1281Project Management Scheduling SoftwareOnline
PROJ 2284Project Management and the Human InterfaceOnline
PROJ 2284Project Management and the Human InterfaceMonthly Intake Online
DATA 2281Project Management for AnalyticsOnline
PROJ 1380Project Management for Course DesignOnline
CHLD 1083Psychiatric Disorders Common to the Infant, Child and Adolescent PopulationOnline
PSR 2583Psychiatric Rehabilitation ProcessesOnline
CARE 1585Psychological & Social ImplicationsOnline
PSYC 1090Psychology IntroductionCorrespondence
PSYC 1051Psychology IntroductionOnline
PSYC 1051Psychology IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
DESN 1382Quality Assurance and Course EvaluationOnline
FSW 1080Quality Food Preparation (Formerly Food Preparation and Production)Monthly Intake Online
FSW 1080Quality Food Preparation (Formerly Food Preparation and Production)Online
ACCT 1283QuickBooks Level IMonthly Intake Online
ACCT 1283QuickBooks Level IOnline
SOCI 1081Racism and DiscriminationOnline
LAW 3084Real Estate Practice and Procedure IIOnline
LAW 2084Real Estate Procedures (Formerly Real Estate Practice and Procedure I)Online
WRIT 1582Record Keeping & Report WritingDistance Education
RIM 1080Records & Information Management FundamentalsOnline
HRM 2284Recruitment & SelectionMonthly Intake Online
HRM 2284Recruitment & SelectionOnline
HRM 4284Recruitment & Selection (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
HRM 4284Recruitment & Selection (HURM)Online
LIBR 3086Reference ProcessesOnline
LIBR 4086Reference Services and SourcesOnline
REFL 2380Reflection, Self-Care and Professional Practice in Victims' ServicesOnline
RIBO 2600Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario (RIBO) Exam PreparationOshawa
GIS 2251Remote SensingOnline
RN 2588Renal Replacement Therapies - Nursing Care of the Hemodialysis PatientOnline
RN 2587Renal Replacement Therapies - Nursing Care of the Peritoneal Dialysis PatientOnline
RN 2589Renal Replacement Therapies - Nursing Care of the Transplant PatientOnline
HLT 6786Research & DevelopmentOnline
RIM 1081Research and ReportingOnline
ORGB 2580Resident Centered CareOnline
LIBR 2082Resource Description and Access IOnline
LIBR 3082Resource Description and Access IIOnline
GER 1586Restorative Care in a Long Term Care SettingOnline
FIN 1080Retirement PlanningOnline
CHLD 1086Risk Factors of Common Psychiatric Disorders in the Infant, Child and Adolescent PopulationOnline
FIN 2080Risk Management and Estate PlanningOnline
HOME 1882Roofing InspectionOnline
SSWF 1080SSW Field Placement PreparationOnline
CORR 1380Safe and Secure EnvironmentsOnline
EDUC 1080Safety in an Educational SettingOnline
ACCT 1980Sage 50 (Simply Accounting I)Online
MKTG 2580Sales and MarketingOnline
FSW 1583Sanitation and SafetyOnline
FSW 1583Sanitation and SafetyMonthly Intake Online
LIBR 1089School LibrariesOnline
COMP 1285Security + Certification PreparationOnline
RN 2582Seminars in Oncology RNOnline
RPN 2582Seminars in Oncology RPNOnline
MGMT 3580Senior Management for Retirement CommunitiesOnline
GER 1592Seniors Mental HealthCorrespondence
LIBR 3084SerialsOnline
SOCI 1084Sexual ViolenceOnline
LAW 2080Small Claims Practice and ProcedureOnline
SSW 4581Social JusticeDistance Education
BUS 5281Social Media Applied in BusinessMonthly Intake Online
BUS 5281Social Media Applied in BusinessOnline
SOMT 2282Social Media Developing a StrategyMonthly Intake Online
SOMT 2282Social Media Developing a StrategyOnline
COMM 1281Social Media Digital CommunicationOnline
COMM 1281Social Media Digital CommunicationMonthly Intake Online
MKTG 1380Social Media MarketingOnline
SOMT 2281Social Media Monitoring and MeasurementMonthly Intake Online
SOMT 2281Social Media Monitoring and MeasurementOnline
GNED 1481Social Media and SocietyOnline
FWK 1587Social Service Worker Field Placement I & SeminarDistance Education
FWK 2581Social Service Worker Field Placement II & SeminarDistance Education
FWK 3581Social Service Worker Field Placement III & SeminarDistance Education
SSW 3581Social Welfare PolicyDistance Education
SOCI 1051Sociology IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
SOCI 1051Sociology IntroductionOnline
LIBR 1180Special LibrariesOnline
DESN 1383Special Topics in Course DesignOnline
NURS 2566Special Topics in Mental Health NursingDistance Education
DATA 1284Statistical and Predictive Modeling for Analytics IOnline
DATA 2284Statistical and Predictive Modeling for Analytics IIOnline
STAT 2280StatisticsOnline
STAT 3186Statistics I - TechnologyOnline
STAT 1580Statistics for Health Care ProfessionalsOnline
STPC 6580Sterile Storage, Inventory Control and Management of ResourcesMonthly Intake Online
FIN 3080Strategic Investment PlanningOnline
CCSC 1283Strategies for Fostering Client LoyaltyOnline
LIBR 1183Strategies for Instruction for Library TechniciansOnline
HLTH 1387Stress, Wellness & NutritionOnline
HLTH 1387Stress, Wellness & NutritionMonthly Intake Online
HOME 1883Structural InspectionOnline
MLCP 1183Supervisory Skills for Business & IndustryOnline
ECRC 1080Supporting Atypical DevelopmentOnline
ACCT 3284Taxation IOnline
ACCT 3295Taxation ICorrespondence
ACCT 3284Taxation IMonthly Intake Online
ACCT 4284Taxation IIOnline
COMM 2186Technical CommunicationsOnline
EDUC 1083Technology in EducationOnline
CARE 1583Thanatology IntroductionOnline
CNST 1083The Construction IndustryOnline
GNED 1491The Game of Soccer and its Impact on SocietyOnline
COUN 1582Theory and Practice of Counselling in AddictionsOnline
NURS 2558Therapeutic Techniques & Group TherapyDistance Education
EDUC 1181Total Communication Part I ESOnline
EDUC 2181Total Communication Part II ESOnline
HRM 4280Training & DevelopmentOnline
HRM 4280Training & DevelopmentMonthly Intake Online
HRM 5283Training & Development (HURM)Monthly Intake Online
HRM 5283Training & Development (HURM)Online
SERV 1980Training for Technical Support AnalystsOnline
EDUC 1180Transition PlanningOnline
LANG 1980Translation In The Workplace 1Online
LANG 2980Translation In The Workplace 2Online
LANG 3980Translation In The Workplace 3Online
LANG 5980Translation In The Workplace 5Online
LANG 4980Translation in the Workplace 4Online
MGMT 2280Transportation and Logistics ManagementOnline
ADDC 1581Treatment Approaches in AddictionsOnline
MEDO 1083Understanding Medical Tests for Medical Office StaffOnline
MEDO 1082Understanding Surgical Procedures for Medical Office StaffOnline
FOOD 1085Understanding Sustainable Farming: Principles and PracticesOnline
TEAC 1385Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility for Online LearningOnline
FOOD 1084Urban Agriculture, Community Gardens, Food Secure CitiesOnline
VASS 2380Victim Assistance StrategiesOnline
VCTM 1380Victimization: Legal PerspectivesOnline
VCHD 2380Victimology and ChildrenOnline
VMEN 1380Victimology and MenOnline
INTR 1380Victimology: Assessment and InterventionOnline
THEO 1381Victimology: Theory and PracticeOnline
VMED 2380Victims and the Impact of the MediaOnline
INTR 1383Violence Against Women: Assessment and InterventionOnline
DATA 1285Visualizations, Leadership, and Business Communications IOnline
DATA 2285Visualizations, Leadership, and Business Communications IIOnline
HLTH 1385Wellness For ChildrenMonthly Intake Online
HLTH 1385Wellness For ChildrenOnline
GNED 1281Western: A Study in the Film GenreOnline
LAW 2085Wills and Estates Procedures (Formerly Wills and Estates Practice and Procedure)Online
WIND 2286Word AdvancedMonthly Intake Online
WIND 2286Word AdvancedOnline
WIND 2285Word IntroductionOnline
WIND 2285Word IntroductionMonthly Intake Online
MEDO 1081Working and Communicating in a Medical SettingOnline
ECRC 2082Working with Others Through Professional EngagementOnline
RELG 1980World Religions: Western and Eastern TraditionsOnline
ENG 1082Writing GrammaticallyOnline
PFP 8305Youth in Conflict with the LawOnline
TEAC 1384eLearning ToolsOnline