Donna Pegg

Donna Pegg joined Durham College nearly 20 years ago as a Dental Hygiene clinical instructor and evening class instructor in the dental anatomy course offered through the Professional and Part-time Learning department. Shortly after, she became a full-time faculty member in the Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene programs.

Pegg received her Dental Assisting diploma in 1978 and Dental Hygiene diploma in 1979, both from Durham College. Upon graduation, she obtained a dental hygienist position in a private practice and worked in several practices throughout Ontario in the 10 years that followed.

Throughout her 29 years as a dental hygienist, Pegg has thoroughly enjoyed working with clients in improving and maintaining their oral health and believes her enthusiasm for teaching, dentistry and clients are valuable elements for students to observe and aspire. She has been actively involved in the dental programs at Durham College and has organized numerous seminars for students and faculty of the dental programs. She has contributed her expertise as a dental advisory board member, dental representative at various high schools and has assisted in the program mapping for the Dental Reception and Administration program and accreditation of Durham College’s Dental Hygiene program.

Among the courses Pegg delivers are Dental Anatomy, Dental Records, Nutrition, Preventive Dentistry and Dental Hygiene clinics for first- and second-year students. In addition to teaching, she is committed to maintaining her dental hygiene skills and knowledge while assisting others with their dental health and education. During the months she is not teaching, Pegg has been known to gain employment in private dental clinics. She is passionate about lifelong learning, resulting in the completion of numerous dental, technology and teaching courses. She is presently working towards her Adult Education certificate from St. Clair College.