Terri Healy

Terri Healy is a professor for the second-year Practical Nursing program. During her time at Durham College, she has contributed to the development of learning activities and evaluations in courses including WebCt page development, online learning for health assessment, maternal/child nursing, health assessment and the nursing resource practice lab. Additionally she has incorporated simulation learning techniques to health assessment, physical exam and maternal/child family health courses.

Healy has worked as a registered nurse for 30 years, gaining experience in acute medical/surgical, community nursing, pediatrics and education. Since obtaining her nursing diploma from St. Lawrence College in 1977, her lifelong learning path has led her to obtain a Bachelor of Education degree from Brock University in 1997, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours) degree from York University in 2002 and completion of numerous professional development courses throughout her career.

She holds numerous professional organization memberships and is a recipient of the Durham College Staff Excellence Award and the Humanitarian Award for International Children’s Projects Knights of Malta.