Communication skills

Communication Foundations

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively has been identified as a key factor for success and one of the top five skills that organizations and employers look for when hiring for entry-level and mid-level roles (BCS, 2018.).

To help ensure students achieve their academic and career goals, many Durham College (DC) programs include a required Communication Foundations course. Offered in the first semester of programs, students actively participate in their own learning by engaging with their peers, professors and college staff to develop and master the foundational communication skills for post-secondary success.

This practical course provides students with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively across a variety of mediums, including verbal interactions, formal correspondence and email exchanges. Students will learn proper communication etiquette and professionalism to build the skills and confidence to excel in additional communications courses that may be required later in their program of study.

The Communication Foundations course is offered in the first semester of all programs listed below. As this course is a requirement for your program of study, it is recommended you complete the Communication Foundations course when it is scheduled for your program.


If you have completed a similar communication, writing and/or English post-secondary course, please visit the credit transfer or PLAR webpage for more information or speak with your student advisor.

Please note: Communication Foundations is a pre-requisite for some courses, depending on the program of study. Students who drop courses in semester 1 for a reduced load should not drop Communication Foundations as it may be a pre-requisite for future courses and it may prove difficult to pick up the course in a later semester.