Presenters Include: Laurie Marshall and Scott McEachern
Total CPD Hours: Up to 3 Hours Substantive

For lawyers, paralegals, clerks, students, and more, this ‘introductory to intermediate’ knowledge anecdotal summary discusses commonly misunderstood corporate veil principles of utmost importance for practitioners who serve, or act against, small businesses as well as the people who control, or work for, a small business.


Better understand the principles applicable to a corporate veil and gain awareness that what is commonly known as piercing the corporate veil is wrong.

Learn why, and how to properly explain how:

  • The common and incorrect understanding of corporate veil principles implies that millions of people within the insurance profession are committing fraud
  • The application of a corporate veil to provide protection for controlling minds such as directors, officers, managers, employees, volunteers, among others, acting tortiously, including negligently, on behalf of a corporation is wrong
  • The judiciary commonly misapplies the Salomon v. Salomon rule of 1896
  • The judiciary commonly misapplies the Said v. Butt rule of 1920
  • The judiciary commonly misapplies the ADGA v. Valcom reminder of 1999


Oshawa- Centre for Collaborative Education (CFCE 145)

Wed, November 27th
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Cost: $50 + HST

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