This certification course has been designed to specifically provide future police / law enforcement / and security students (or public members) to have a thorough understanding of the lawful responsibilities in a use of force situations where an expandable baton is deployed. Instructions will include expandable baton strikes, target areas, and post-engagement management. The course also prepares participants of how to prepare and train in defensive tactics fundamentals as they progress through their police application and what to expect in defensive tactics training upon arriving at the training colleges.

The TriCom (Tri-Angle Combatives) System Expandable Baton Program have been taught to Police and Military units throughout Canada, United States, Germany, England, Korea, Singapore, Brazil and the Philippines. We have developed policy, procedure and training programs for police academies and agencies worldwide.


Use of Force model lecture
▪ Criminal Code
▪ Officer Safety Concepts & Tactics
▪ Empty-Hand Defensive Striking
▪ Expandable Baton Striking
▪ Application Drills
▪ Expandable Baton Retention
▪ Post-Engagement Management
▪ Articulation Basic Course certification techniques include Stance

Please wear active clothing for this training.

Once you have passed the training you will receive a certificate of completion.


We only have 25 seats available for this training.

CRN #27306

Location: Oshawa campus, Room JW202 and Police Training Grounds

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2020
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $120 for current students of Durham College or $175 for Alumni/public members

To register, call 905.721.3000 and have the course code (CRN) and your credit card ready.

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