Fitness Test for Ontario Correctional Applicants (FITCO)

Maintaining order and security in a correctional institution is the primary function of a correctional officer. This is a complex task, which goes far beyond locking and unlocking doors. Correctional officers employed by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services are peace officers responsible for the care, custody and control of offenders.

Correctional officers work in diverse settings; their duties are varied and include supervision of offender activities and control of offender movement throughout the institution.

Correctional officers must be:

  • Alert and prepared to react to the unexpected;
  • Able to handle a variety of difficult situations when dealing with the offender population;
  • Able to communicate effectively with a variety of people
  • Able to work as a member of a team of professionals in the care and rehabilitation of inmates;
  • Willing to work shifts.

Correctional officers receive a thorough training program, both on the job and at a ministry training site. Training includes search procedures, self-defence and emergency response. Correctional officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making a positive contribution to public safety in Ontario. A career in corrections will appeal to individuals who enjoy working rotating shifts and the challenge of balancing the two diverse components of the job: security/custody and the rehabilitative needs of the offender. To test your suitability the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has developed the Correctional Officer Training and Assessment (COTA) program.

The Fitness Test for Ontario Correctional Officer Applicants (FITCO) is the name of the physical skills and ability test.

FITCO Test Components

There are four separate components to the FITCO: a screening component to ensure your medical readiness and three performance components to assess your physical capability:

    Search Station, Emergency Response Circuit and Aerobic Shuttle Run.

Medical Readiness – Informed Consent and Pre-exercise Clearance:

Before attempting the FITCO as part of the CO ST.A.R.T process, you will be required to complete:

  • PAR-Q Clearance – to screen participants for medical conditions that could pose a risk during FITCO testing
  • Participant Informed Consent and Release – to fully inform participants about the requirements of the FITCO along with their rights and responsibilities, to receive their permission to use the FITCO test information and to receive the participant’s release and indemnity of the Ministry or its agents
  • Participant’s Blood Pressure Screening – resting blood pressure must be ≤ 144/94
  • Participant Performance Declaration – on the day of the test, the participant is required to disclose any factors that he/she feels may affect his/her ability to perform the FITCO

For more information on the FITCO please visit this website.

This workshop allows you to meet with the trainer/professor and join a fitness class to practice and observe how others complete these tests.  ***Please note that time will be giving equally to our students and our guests/visitors***

Come dressed in workout/fitness clothing.  Please bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Please bring photo ID.

Available dates and times

Tuesday, February 13th  

  • Kathy Phillips- 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (CRN #40843)
  • Kathy Phillips- 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (CRN #40844)


$60 (plus HST)


Call Durham Colleges Registration Office at 905.721.3000 and provide them with the CRN # you wish to join. 

Durham College is located at 2000 Simcoe St, N. Oshawa, ON, Canada, L1G 0C5.  Park in front of the Campus Recreation & Wellness Centre (CRWC).  Enter the sliding doors to the CRWC and inform the Gym Front Desk that you are here for FITCO testing (bring proof of registration). 


Park in Founders 2 (paid parking) north of the Campus Library. When entering the gate you must take a ticket to enter the lot.  Once parked you may enter the front of the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre (CRWC).  Enter the sliding doors to the CRWC and inform the Gym Front Desk that you are here for your practice testing (bring proof of registration).  When you leaving you must insert the ticket into the (P) payment machines before going back to your car.