Business and technology careers that spark innovation

If finding creative solutions to today’s business or technology challenges is something that excites you, a program that lets you bring your big ideas to life might be the right fit for your future.

Put your problem-solving skills to work with a career in one of these exciting areas:

  • Do you want to become a business leader?

    Learning to connect with people or understanding financial reports is an important part of the journey for any future business professional. While HR professionals work in partnership with business managers to take care of the company’s largest asset – its employees – accounting professionals focus on the financial side of things, making sure the business is fiscally healthy.

    At DC, both of these fields are supported by programs that provide students with the opportunity to interact directly with industry professionals and participate in hands-on learning opportunities. The Human Resources – Business program also includes several of the required courses that qualify towards the academic component of the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, while DC’s Accounting – Business program provides training in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Sage 50 and Profile, with the added opportunity to earn Microsoft Office specialist certifications.

    Ready to jump into an exciting business career? Apply to DC’s Human Resources – Business or Accounting – Business programs or explore other options in business today.

  • Do you want to experiment with artificial intelligence, data or computer systems?

    Computer hardware and software systems are a part of almost every business and require skilled professionals to take care of the assembly, design, testing, installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting required for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large multi-million-dollar corporations. On the flip side, as more organizations rely on data to drive corporate planning and decision-making, increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence and data tools are being used to meet the need for data collection and manipulation.

    DC’s Computer Systems Technician and Technology programs provide students with the technical skills and expertise to work in the high-demand world of personal computers, networking and application support. For students who already have post-secondary education in these areas and want to build on their skills, the Data Analytics for Business Decision Making graduate certificate program will enable students to support real world business decision-making and planning, while the Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Design and Implementation graduate certificate program teaches students how to leverage AI to extract data and use data-driven intelligence to solve complex enterprise problems with state-of-the-art solutions.

    Want to explore a career that will allow you to get creative with computer systems and information? Apply to DC’s Computer Systems Technician or Technology programs, or the Data Analytics for Business Decision Making or Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Design and Implementation graduate certificate program today.

  • Do you want to take your good ideas to the next level?

    Are you looking to start your own business? Or perhaps you want to take your experience in business and launch a career in the high-growth field of esports. Whatever your goal, entrepreneurs and esports business professionals share a lot in common. Both are exciting, fast-paced and dynamic career choices, which also require skills in a variety of business functions, from sales and marketing to accounting and human resources.

    In the Entrepreneurship and Small Business program, learn from expert professors how to start, grow and manage a small business, including developing the personal skills needed for success as an entrepreneur, while the Esports Business Management graduate certificate program prepares students in just eight months to emerge as highly skilled professionals who will have a unique combination of expertise in online marketing, copyright law, licensing, sponsorship, event management, content creation and much more. They also possess deep understanding of gaming culture, including players, fans and the games themselves, which are vital to growing a successful career in this high-growth field.

    Ready for an exciting career? Apply to DC’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business program or the Esports Business Management graduate certificate program today.

You could start classes as early as September. Have questions about applying or not sure if you’re ready? Visit to learn more or connect with us at