Four of the hottest jobs recruiters are hiring for right now

Career trends are constantly changing, including the types of jobs that are in high demand. According to a recent article in the Globe & Mail by Virginia Galt titled “Canadian job seekers can find ‘hot jobs’ in unexpected sectors”, recruiting firms are on the look out for executive assistants, law clerks, supply-chain managers, and project managers in a range of fields from IT and construction to architecture and design. The common thread running through all of these occupations receiving hype? Durham College (DC) is preparing students for all of them.

Considering a career in one of these trending fields, but not sure where to start or which one is right for you? Check out the related DC programs below to learn more about the fascinating industries you can work in and the jobs you can find after graduation.


    A fast-paced, detail-oriented and challenging job that contributes to the effectiveness of any office, executive assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks ranging from managing projects and budgets to making travel arrangements, co-ordinating events and preparing communications.

    DC’s Office Administration – Executive program trains students to deliver professional administrative support in any organization, with emphasis on the practical demands of the job. This includes organizing activities, maintaining strong interpersonal relationships, preparing documents with accuracy and developing project management, spreadsheet and database skills in a network environment.

    Who is best suited for this program?

    Individuals who enjoy working on computers, interacting with others and are looking to advance their time management, project management and multi-tasking skills.


    Similar to executive assistants, law clerks are tasked with a number of administrative duties in the field of law. They assist with courtroom proceedings, legal research, preparing and editing legal documents and more.

    As Ontario’s only Law Clerk Advanced program, DC students benefit from extensive training in theory and practice of law as well as the advanced computer training required to give them the edge they need to launch a successful legal career. Experiential learning is embedded seamlessly into courses and complemented with over 300 hours of on-the-job training to ensure graduates are confident and job-ready.

    Who is best suited for this program?

    Individuals who are career-focused, interested in the law and looking to develop their ability to follow a broad career path in legal services and beyond.


    Are you interested in the world of business and looking to experience something new on the job every day? A career in supply chain and operations management may be the perfect fit. Supply chain and operations managers acquire, develop and manage the resources required to deliver goods and services to clients. This includes contributing to key decisions involving quality assurance, facilities and inventory management, transportation, distribution, logistics and more.

    In DC’s Supply Chain and Operations Management – Business Administration program, students develop knowledge of business processes and management tools, including how to create supply chain plans and schedules to efficiently produce goods or services that meet the needs of global markets.

    Who is best suited for this program?

    Individuals who want to improve the way businesses work while focusing on problem solving, analytics, decision-making and communications.


    Do you enjoy managing and planning projects and ensuring they are completed on time and within budget?  If you answered yes, you may find success and fulfillment in a project management career. Project managers are key employees to many organizations and have the ability to work in a number of diverse industries.

    DC’s Project Management (graduate certificate) program provides students with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to successfully manage projects across industries. Students with existing work experience will have the opportunity to learn new skills and add to their credentials in order to advance their careers and gain real-world experience through case study analysis and a capstone project.

    Who is best suited for this program?

    Individuals with previous relevant post-secondary education who want to expand their knowledge and add to their credentials in a competitive global industry.

If any of the above careers sound like the perfect fit for you, visit for more information or consider attending the Spring Open House on Saturday, April 4. You can also contact DC at 905.721.3126 or