About our brand

This is why our brand is important

A brand is more than a logo. It is the voice we use to tell our stories. It is the experience people have with our college. Our brand guidelines are the tools we use to create those stories and reinforce those experiences; they are the operating manual for looking, speaking, and acting as Durham College (DC). DC is a special place — a welcoming, multi-faceted institution with countless elements that together focus on placing the student experience first.

We all play a role in strengthening and promoting our brand. You can help by incorporating these guidelines into the marketing and communications materials you create. The tools are flexible enough to help you create a full-range of expression for your specific audience, while still allowing our shared strengths and aspirations to shine.

Through consistent use, these guidelines will amplify the impact of our brand in an increasingly competitive academic marketplace.

Hundreds of stories, hundreds of experiences. That is the focus of Durham College.

View our brand identity at a glance.

What is a brand?

A brand is a construct, a type of shorthand, that people hold in their minds and hearts when thinking about an institution. A brand at its core is a promise of what the institution stands for and what it offers to those who engage with it.

A brand is earned rather than owned. It is the cumulative result of every experience, communication and reference made by or about our institution over time as experienced by others. Simply put, a brand is not something we buy; a brand is something we build.