Durham College logo

Graphic elements

To broaden our options when creating visual communications, a series of secondary graphics has been created. Consistent use of this art across our communications will visually amplify our unique DC identity and personality.

Not sure if your ideas are in line with our brand guidelines? Communications and Marketing is here to help. Email marketing@durhamcollege.ca for a review, samples, or advice.

DC brand bars


The main advantage of the DC bars lies is their adaptability to different media and formats. Horizontal or vertical lines are used to visually display a common usage of the corporate colours. The bars also create a familiar element that can be used in many formats.


  • Green bar should always be on the left or on top of the brown bar and equal in size.
  • White line in between bars should be 1pt weight.
  • If bars are adjacent to a solid block of brown or green, the bars should be inversed so the contrasting colour lays next to the solid block.

I heart dc logo

I heart DC

This logo exhibits DC’s school spirit and can be used on a variety of materials.


  • This word mark is a fun and engaging way to enhance your message or design.
  • This does not replace the DC logo.
Durham college shield


This is a symbol that is simplified and stylized to be easily recognized as associated with DC.


  • This element can be used as a supplementary feature on your material to complement the logo.
  • The element does not take the place of the DC logo.