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The Academic Quality team manages and provides guidance to the college community to support DC's commitment to offering quality programs to its students ensuring established quality assurance processes and initiatives are successfully implemented. Our team works collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that we are meeting our internal policies and standards, requirements from the Ministry (MCU), industry, and external accrediting bodies.
Academic Quality processes assess the entire program life-cycle using evidence-based decision-making principles throughout the program development phase from internal and Ministry approval, program launch, annual and comprehensive renewal, to ongoing program success or cancellation. We are committed to continuously improving academic quality to support academic excellence and a successful student experience.
  • New Program Development

    Developing a new program is a collaborative effort and requires expertise, input and support from community partners, industry stakeholders, and Durham College faculty and...

  • Program Review and Renewal

    As an integral component of quality assurance, DC utilizes a program performance framework to review and renew postsecondary academic programs. Annual Program Review (APR),...

  • Curriculum Development

    Good teaching and learning starts with a well thoughtout curriculum. Here at Durham we have developed a number of tools to guide you through...

  • Institutional Audit

    Durham College (DC) undergoes a regular and cyclical institutional-level external review of the quality assurance mechanisms within the college. This College Quality Assurance Audit...