Communities of Practice

What are Communities of Practice (CoP)?

CoPs are intentional communities of practice that are comprised of a cross-disciplinary group of faculty who meet regularly to discuss and explore a common area of interest in teaching and learning.  CoPs provide a safe, supportive community wherein members can share best practices, and engage in collegial conversation and inquiry around a topic of mutual interest.

Why would I want to join a CoP?

Are you looking for an opportunity to discuss and reflect on your teaching and connect with other faculty members across campus?  Whether you are a new faculty member looking to learn best practices, or an experienced faculty member seeking new insights, FLCs are a great way to connect with other professors and gain new perspectives.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the topic.

What is the role of the CAFE in supporting the CoP?

The CAFE will coordinate CoP meetings and logistics, and provide a meeting space where faculty can share resources and best practices.  The CAFE will also help to facilitate face-to-face meetings and online conversations, and will act as a resource for the CoPs and provide on-going support as needed.  Each CoP will be able to decide on its own how to format and structure its meetings and what kinds of activities to commit to and participate in.

Current CoPs at DC

  • Online/Hybrid Course Design and DeliveryThis CoP is for those interested in sharing knowledge, skills, resources, experiences, and best practices for designing and teaching online and hybrid courses.
  • Education StudiesThis CoP will provide an opportunity for faculty who are currently completing graduate degrees in education (i.e. CMU’s MA in Education, UOIT’s MA or MEd in Education, etc.), or who have completed graduate education degrees in the past, to share their experiences, give and receive support, and learn from each other in a collegial environment.
  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) –  This CoP is for those interested in exploring SoTL and discussing how SoTL approaches can be implemented into their practice.  Each month, a new presenter from the group will pre-select a peer-reviewed article and lead participants in a discussion about the article. The goal of this SoTL activity is to provide an opportunity for our community to explore the SoTL literature in a group setting, both to find practical applications to implement in the classroom and to inform our own SoTL projects.
  • Teaching Portfolio Development – This CoP provides an opportunity for faculty to develop a teaching portfolio or refresh an existing teaching portfolio.   The CoP is designed for faculty to consider a teaching philosophy, and work on the design and development of a teaching portfolio, either digital or paper-based, in an informal, supportive, sharing and collegial environment.