COVID-19 Update: DC operations continue with elementary and secondary school closures – resources available for parents

This afternoon, Premier Doug Ford announced that all Ontario elementary and secondary schools will remain closed indefinitely after the April break due to the rising rates of COVID-19 infection. This announcement does not impact Durham College operations with program and service delivery continuing as communicated last week.

For many of our students, particularly those with young children, these latest restrictions may create challenges for parents juggling their schoolwork and parental responsibilities. As we near the end of the semester we recognize this can be a stressful time. To help provide support, we’ve compiled a number of helpful resources for families whose children may be at home or participating in online learning.

We understand that some students may be experiencing conflicts between their schoolwork and home life requirements. Those impacted are encouraged to communicate directly with their professor to discuss flexible options.

We hope these resources will also help students create a manageable balance between school and their responsibilities at home as we continue to navigate the ongoing public health restrictions.