COVID-19 UPDATE: How DC is supporting your academic needs and well-being

Dear students,  

While transitioning to online learning is a positive step towards keeping your semester moving forward, Durham College (DC) recognizes that it is also another significant change in uncertain times.

Whether you need academic strategies or someone to talk to, DC students have access to a wide variety of supports. Keep the following list close by and reach out often.

Please remember you are not alone. We are here to support you so email for any support services not listed below and we’ll help connect you.

Take good care. 

  1. Review DC’s quick tips for students transitioning to online learning.
  1. Access details for all DC student support services, including:
  • Access and Support Centre
  • Campus Health Centre
  • Co-op Office
  • Enrolment Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Library
  • Student Academic Learning Services (SALS)
  1. Academic supports
  • Academic schools

Connect with student advisors and other school-specific supports using the links below:

Department Telephone Email
School of Business, IT & Management 905.721.3064
Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning 905.721.3052
School of Health & Community Services 905.721.3080
School of Hospitality & Horticultural Science 905.721.4144 (student advisor)
School of Interdisciplinary Studies 905.721.3161
School of Justice & Emergency Services 905.721.3070
School of Media, Art & Design 905.721.2000 ext. 3067
School of Science & Engineering Technology 905.721.3060
School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship & Renewable Technology 905.721.2000 ext. 3344 (general questions) (student advisor)


    • Accessibility coaching, assistive technology, peer coaching, new intakes and counselling continue to be available by phone or video.
    • Email or your staff member directly during regular business hours to book an appointment.
  1. Mental health supports
    • Services including medical appointments and appointments with mental health nurses, wellness coaches and therapists are available via teleconferencing. To book an appointment, call 905.721.2000 ext. 3037.
  1. Multi-service supports
    • Culture-specific supports
    • Information, resources and referrals
    • Advocacy
    • Self-identification supports

Please email or to book an appointment by phone or video.

Most services are available remotely, including student support and advising. Please email or to book an appointment.

Most services are available remotely, including:

Please email using area-specific links above to book an appointment.

Durham College Students Inc.

DCSI, the independent student association representing all DC students, has additional services available. In addition to the information listed here, please go to their website or contact them directly for updates.

Most services continue to be available via online delivery, including: