DC approved to welcome international students to Canada to study with us


International students who are registered with Durham College (DC) may now travel to Ontario to study with us.


As of October 20


DC is thrilled to be one of the first Ontario colleges approved by the Canadian government to accept international students. This means international students who are not currently in Canada and who have an approved study permit can now travel to DC to start or continue their studies.

Designated learning institutions (DLI) across the country are required to have a COVID-19 readiness plan approved by their province that protects the health and safety of all students, employees and their surrounding community. DC is currently one of only four public Ontario colleges to receive this designation – however, new institutions nationwide will be added in the coming weeks.

International students who meet the requirements may be able to travel to Canada effective immediately, but are required to quarantine upon arrival for 14 days as per the Government of Canada’s regulations. During quarantine students must follow a number of requirements including staying in quarantine accommodation for at least 14 days, remaining isolated (no visitors) and arranging for necessities to be delivered to them.

As we look forward to welcoming our international students, those registered students and applicants not currently in the country have received an email communication from our International Education office providing them with further details.

Together, we’re leading the way!

More information is available on the International Education website.