In This Together DC: Academic Update

Hi DC!

Durham College is prepared to offer a wide range of academic courses for the Fall 2020 semester, despite the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we don’t know what the world will look like in the coming months, we do know we will continue to do what we do best, which is deliver our high-quality academic programs and services. Regardless of what our reality is now and going forward, we endeavour to focus on the delivery of superior teaching and learning opportunities for our students, weaving in enhancements to their experiences whenever we can.

Currently, faculty are working on courses for fall and in light of the ever-evolving situation, we are planning for three possible scenarios for program delivery in the fall 2020 semester.

  1. Regular: All face-to-face classes will continue as usual this fall.
  2. Blended: Programs will be offered in a combined way, with some courses held completely remotely and other classes and practical experiences (e.g. hands-on practicum, studios, shops, labs, clinical settings) held in person, possibly in smaller sections.
  3. Primarily remote: Offer remote learning experiences for our students, ensuring practicum, clinical, lab, studio and other applied learning opportunities are offered in a timely and flexible manner to enable students to complete their programs as quickly as possible.

Return to campus decisions will be determined based on public health and provincial government directives and guidelines. In anticipation, a system-wide template for our safe return to campus has been developed and is currently with the Minister of Colleges and Universities awaiting comment and approval. The document will guide the development of a DC-specific set of guidelines and standards for our return to campus and will influence the decisions around the above three scenarios.

We are committed to providing updates and sharing return-to-campus plans when they become available.

Change and transition have become almost day-to-day occurrences since mid-March. Despite this, you have all accomplished incredible things during this time, as you faced these challenges in your academic and personal lives.

Thank you once again for your ongoing dedication and support.