In This Together DC: Update on Professional and Part-time Learning activities

As part of our In This Together DC email series, today’s update will focus on the Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning (PPL).

While every part of the college has been impacted by the pandemic, the effects being experienced within the Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning (PPL) have been somewhat unique. With well over 80 per cent of our courses already offered online, PPL’s most significant challenge in recent weeks has been to keep pace with rapidly increasing registration levels. In response, we have been quickly adding additional sections of courses to keep pace with demand. I would like to thank everyone in the PPL team for their remarkable efforts which have ensured that our students have continued to receive the award-winning levels of support and service, as well as high-quality learning experiences, that they’ve come to expect from us.

As is the case in the academic schools, placements present particularly interesting challenges because many organizations are closed. However, PPL is working hard to apply creative solutions. For example, the ECE Field Placement III course is currently being redeveloped as a capstone course that leverages case study-type videos to allow students to demonstrate their abilities without having to be onsite at a child care facility during the pandemic.

PPL currently offers 70+ different programs – ranging from Recognition of Achievement credentials all the way up to diplomas and graduate certificates – across a diverse range of disciplines. As a member of OntarioLearn, we are able to provide DC students with access to over 1,000 different courses. The marked increase in registration levels seen since March certainly demonstrates that individuals are continuing to place a high value on learning even in these challenging times. In a world faced with unrelenting negative news, this certainly brings a ray of optimism.

Ongoing growth will continue to be a priority for PPL. The department recently received approval to launch a number of new programs beginning this fall, including:

  • Veterinary Office Assistant certificate
  • Construction Management certificate
  • Coding Essentials certificate

As we move forward, PPL will focus heavily on very short programs specifically designed to help individuals develop career-relevant knowledge, skills and competencies that will improve their employment opportunities. By continuing to add new and exciting offerings, we will be able to support our students’ evolving needs and contribute to the economic recovery of our community and province.

Stay well, stay safe!

Debbie Johnston
Dean, Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning