What to expect if your online class is recorded

Online course delivery tools provide flexible and creative ways for faculty to teach and connect with students. Some of your courses may have scheduled meeting times, where your faculty member will engage in real-time learning activities using technology such as Microsoft Teams or virtual class software within DC Connect. These powerful tools allow students to interact meaningfully with their faculty, peers and the course content. They also provide the opportunity for classes to be recorded, which students can then review at a later time to gain a deeper understanding of presented concepts.

With this in mind, the following will apply to all recorded classes:

  • When a class will be recorded, the faculty member will make sure students are aware via an announcement in DC Connect and verbally at the start of each recorded session. Faculty members must also communicate how the recording will be shared with students after class.
  • Recordings are only shared and distributed for academic purposes. Regardless of the platform used for recording or sharing, the video will not be made available to the general public.
  • Students wishing to record course learning activities must contact their faculty member before class to request and receive permission.
  • Students who do not wish to be recorded must notify their faculty member in advance and are encouraged to mute their microphones and disable their video displays during class. Faculty members must provide students with an opportunity to participate in, and/or ask questions about any learning activity without their image or voice being recorded. 
  • All recordings of learning activities remain the property of Durham College, at all times.

For additional information regarding recording classes, please review the college’s Recording of Learning Activities Policy and Procedure. Also, please be aware that due to our current circumstances, the six-day written notification period for the recording classroom activities has been suspended.

Thank you once again for your patience and flexibility.