Build a Quiz

Use the Quizzes tool to administer your quiz, text, exam, or other assessment instrument.

  1. Click Quizzes in the course navbar.
  2. Click the New Quiz button.
    New Quiz button
  3. You should be on the Properties tab.
    properties tab
  4. Enter a Name for your quiz.
    name field
  5. Click on the Restrictions tab.
    restrictions tab
  6. Uncheck Hide from Users (so the quiz is visible to students).
  7. Click the Save button to remain in the quiz (or Save and Close to save your changes and exit).
    save button

Import your questions from the Question Library.

  1. You should be on the Properties tab.
    properties tab
  2. Click the Add/Edit Questions button.
    add edit questions button
  3. Click the Import button.
    import button
  4. Choose Browse Question Library from the menu.
  5. Click the triangle to open the section(s) where your questions are stored.
    Drop down menu icon
  6. Click the checkbox next to the question(s) you wish to import.
    check boxes
    Note: If you want to see the full question text, click on the magnifier glass icon to the right of the question. Use the filter and sort options on the top right to narrow your list of questions.
  7. Click the Add button.
    add button
    Note: If you want to change the points value, or make any of your questions bonuses (optional if students want extra points) or mandatory (students are forced to answer), select your questions and click More Actions.
    more actions menu
  8. Click the Done Editing Questions button to return to your quiz.
    done editing questions button
  9. Click the Save button to remain in this tab (or Save and Close to save your changes and exit the quiz).
save button

Set a time frame; students can start the quiz at any time within this time frame.

Note: When you add start and end dates, students can see the quiz, but they cannot take it outside that date range. When you add a due date, it serves as a reference only; students can still take the quiz after the due date.
  1. Select the Restrictions tab.
    restrictions tab
  2. Uncheck Hide from Users to make your quiz visible to students.
  3. Click the check boxes next to Has Due Date, Has Start Date, and/or Has End Date in order to add dates.
    dates check boxes
  4. Click on the date field to open a calendar and select a date.
    dates field
  5. Click on the time field to open a menu from which to select a time.
    time field
  6. Click the Save button to remain in this tab (or Save and Close to save your changes and exit the quiz).
    save button

Let students know how long they should spend taking the quiz.

Note: A student can exit and return to the quiz as many times as they want until the clock runs out (however, it must be within the quiz's time frame; see Section 3 above).
  1. Select the Restrictions tab.
    restrictions tab
  2. Decide if the time limit is Recommended or Enforced.
    1. Recommended Time Limit: communicates to students how long you anticipate it will take them to complete the quiz. You have the option of letting them see a countdown clock.
    2. Enforced Time Limit: restricts how long a student has to complete the quiz. The countdown clock is on by default.
      radio buttons

Depending upon your choice, you get a set of options:

Recommended Time Limit

Note: Always enter a real time (don't use the default unless it makes sense to do so). This helps students realistically anticipate how much time to set aside to take the quiz.
  1. Enter the recommended time (in minutes).
    minutes field
  2. If you want students to see a countdown clock, select Show Clock.

Enforced Time Limit

  1. Enter a Time Limit.
    time limit field
  2. Enter a  Grace Period of 1 minute or greater (required).
    grace period field
  3. Decide what happens after the time limit and grace period expire.
    1. Allow the Student to Continue Working: Students will be able to continue taking the quiz.
    2. Prevent the student from making further changes: Students will not be able to answer any more questions, but they will be able to submit the quiz.
    3. Allow the student to continue working, but automatically score the attempt as zero after an extended deadline: This option will allow you to add an additional grace period; students can complete the quiz, but will earn an automatic zero if they exceed the time limit, grace period, and additional grade period.
      radio buttons
Note: Options 2 and 3 will flag late quizzes. This information is available by clicking the down-caret next to the quiz to open the Actions menu and selecting Grade.
flagged quiz

"Take" the quiz so you can see it the way a student does.

  1. Click the caret to open the quiz's action menu.
  2. Select Preview.
  3. Click the Start Quiz! button.
    start quiz button
  4. From within the quiz Preview page, you can:
    1. View the page layout (e.g. the number of questions per page) and the questions you have answered.
      page layout panel
    2. Answer all questions.
      example of a question
    3. Move through each page of the quiz.
      navigation buttons
  5. When finished, click the Submit Quiz button.
    submit quiz button
  6. Check Allow this preview attempt to be graded in the Grade Quiz area if you want to check how your quiz attempt will be autograded by D2L.
    Allow this preview attempt to be graded option
  7. Click the Submit Quiz button a second time.
    submit quiz button
  8. Whenever you are finished, click the Exit Preview button located in the top right corner of any of the quiz preview screens.
    exit preview button

Activate multiple quizzes at once.

  1. Click the checkboxes next to the inactive quizzes (look for the closed eye icon).
  2. Click the Bulk Edit button.
    bulk edit icon circled
  3. Uncheck the boxes in the Hide from Users column.
    hide from users check boxes
  4. Save.

The content on this page is used by permission from The University of Arizona.