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The use of Bongo Virtual Classroom will be discontinued at Durham College as of December 31, 2021. As a result, Virtual Classroom recordings will no longer be available through the integration within DC Connect.

For faculty who would like to save special recordings such as guest speaker presentations, this document will go through the steps for downloading and sharing the recordings.

Note: The sharing steps involve uploading the recording to the file manager within DC Connect. It is strongly recommended that only necessary recordings be uploaded into DC Connect for sharing.

Remember that all pre-recorded videos must have captions. If your Virtual Classroom recording does not already have captions, please complete this Captioning Request Form to have it professionally captioned prior to downloading the recording.


It is important to be mindful of privacy when sharing videos. Recordings may contain student comments (both in text and /or in audio); these elements should not be shared to respect student privacy. In addition, it is important that you have explicit written permission from guest speakers to share their presentations broadly.


For instructions on saving and sharing your Virtual Classroom recordings for future use, please watch the video below or view this instruction document (PDF).



Bongo is a Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments tool that is integrated directly into DC Connect. This page will provide resources on how to use the Virtual Classroom. As of March 17th, faculty will see Virtual Classroom in the navigation bar of each course*.

Virtual Classroom provides a seamless way to connect face-to-face with your students in DC Connect. You can schedule live classroom discussions, share your screen, poll students and even have break-out sessions for students to work together in your virtual classroom.  Videos can be recorded, closed captioned and seamlessly added into your DC Connect. Other suggested uses for Virtual Classroom is to host virtual office hours.

We recommend using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

How Is Virtual Classroom in DC Connect Different Than Microsoft Teams?

Both are excellent tools used for very similar purposes, but each one may have advantages that the other doesn’t. Check out our Microsoft Teams VS. Virtual Classroom comparison page to find out which platform might work best for you.

Getting Started With Virtual Classroom:

How to Check Your System Before Entering Virtual Classroom

Missed a PD session on the Virtual Classroom?
Here's a shortened recording from March 19th (15 minutes);
and a full session from March 20th (35 minutes).

When you setup a virtual classroom in DC Connect, as long as you have selected “Invite entire class”, all students enrolled in that section will be automatically invited. Unfortunately they will not get a notification or link sent out, however, the links to enter the virtual classrooms you create will appear in two places:

  • In the Calendar on the Course Home page, and
  • Through the Virtual Classroom link in the navigation bar of DC Connect

Compatibility Notes

  • Please ensure your students are using one of the following supported browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox, and
    • Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

For more information about browser compatibility, please see the Browser Compatibility page on Bongo.

If you are looking for information about device compatibility such as specific instructions for using an iPad with Virtual Classroom, please check out the Device Compatibility page on Bongo.

Faculty Resources:

This section contains all the information needed for the initial setup of a a Virtual Classroom

Important Note: You cannot play external video audio (i.e. YouTube videos) in the Virtual Classroom.  To share YouTube videos with your class, you can paste the link into the chat for students to watch, or post the video as pre-work to joining the Virtual Class. You may share your screen to show a video, but the audio will not be picked up.

Student Resources:

These documents contain all the information for your students to use the Virtual Classroom. Please feel free to share with your students.

In the Virtual Classroom:


To ensure accessibility, please include live captions in your video meetings. Check out our page on Live Captioning to learn more

*If you do not see Virtual Classroom in your navigation bar, it is because you are using a custom navigation menu.

For support questions, please contact