Centre for Teaching and Learning

Here's how the eLearning team can help our DC faculty:

  • Offering support for DC Connect, our learning management system (LMS)
  • Offering support for educational technology (edTech) integration into courses (i.e. polling technology, Neilson and Pearson integrations, etc.)
  • Delivering professional development opportunities on DC Connect, educational technology and multimedia
  • Creating online courses that are easy to understand, full on engaging content, AODA compliant and appealing to all students
  • Engaging in opportunities for general and discipline-specific professional development
  • Creating and delivering web-based marketing, such as eNewsletters and social media campaigns

Project Requests

To initiate a new eLearning project or update an existing eLearning resource, please contact:

NOTE: We love sharing! Assets created by the CTL may be demonstrated and shared with others at the DC, external academic institutions, or internal and external events. 

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