Durham College begins planning for 2017 and beyond

Durham College has begun a process to develop a new Strategic Plan to guide the college forward, beginning March 31, 2017 when the current plan expires. We’ve already engaged more than 300 people on- and off-campus in direct conversations about the college and where we need to go, even being so bold as to look forward as far as 2030. The feedback to date has been fantastic, future-focused and generally centred on Durham College further advancing its reputation as a post-secondary destination of choice for both students and employees. Thank you to everyone who’s already taken part.

We still have lots of work to do. This web page has been designed to be updated regularly so we can gather feedback from students and employees on campus, along with our alumni, retirees, partners and other key stakeholders. In the weeks ahead, please be sure to check back in with us now and again to answer questions, offer your thoughts on draft messaging and share whatever else you feel is important for our planning.

Thank you for being part of this process with us. Success is only possible by working with our campus and broader communities.

Looking back on the past three years

As we near the end of our current Strategic Plan, we asked members of our Strategic Planning Committee to offer their thoughts on how their team or the college as a whole has been living the plan and making it a success. We then asked them to do a little star-gazing to the years ahead and share their thoughts on what must be included in our next plan. Their thoughts are shared in four videos organized under our four Pillars: Our Students, Our People, Our Business and Our Community.


Strategic Planning Committee

Angela Wood
Doug Hart
Lorie Blundon
Melissa Bosomworth
Randy Uyenaka
Stephanie Ball

Beau James
Jane Hilton
Louise Stiles
Melissa McLean
Richard Jules
Suzanne Chasse

Beth Chapleau
John Brown
Mark Herringer
Norah Warmuth
Sally Hillis
Tony Doyle

Brandon Carson
Leslie Linstrum
Maura Bianco
Pam Stoneham
Sarah Brathwaite