Dismissal of DCSI executives

DCSI-provided student services to continue without interruption

Durham College Students Inc. (DCSI) is the student-run organization established in the fall of 2017 to oversee a variety of student services at Durham College (DC). In June, DCSI’s board of directors terminated the contracts for the recently elected president and vice-presidents. As a result, they are now engaged in legal action before the courts.

This situation obviously impacts students and DC is working quickly to communicate and make assurances that the services students receive through DCSI will not be affected.

While the DCSI board of directors is responsible for setting and implementing their organization’s agenda, the day-to-day operations are executed by members of the DCSI administrative team, who will continue to ensure that student fees are managed responsibly and directed to the appropriate services, including administration of the student health and dental plans.

Although the college and DCSI often collaborate, it is important to remember that DCSI exists and operates as an independent corporation. As such, DC does not participate in DCSI board activities except as observers. With that said, the meeting at which the DCSI executives were dismissed was a closed meeting and DC observers were not present.

At this time, DC does not know why the DCSI executives were dismissed. What we do know is that DC will continue to support students as we enter into the new school year.

Should students have questions about their DCSI-provided services, please contact dcsi@durhamcollege.ca.