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FastStart & BITM Present: The Creative Literacy Series – Colours & Fonts – Your Last Line of Defense

Join us for an engaging and interactive session on Colour Theory – What You Need to Know and how it can help you up your game in school or in business.

Alison Sprayson , part-time faculty from DC’s School of Business, IT and Management (BITM), will be leading this session.

Have you ever wondered if it’s important to format your work? (it is) Whether your professor appreciates a well put-together assignment? (they do). Understanding fundamental design principles will help give you an edge and cause you to take more pride in your work. In this seminar, we will be taking an introductory look at colour theory and text (font choices). Apply this knowledge to your slides, assignments and any other deliverable you may be tasked with creating.

This seminar is third in a series of four.