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Mind Program – Be Your Best You

August 1
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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What will we do?
We spend 13% of our lives in school, about 30% at work but what we seem to forget is we spend 100% of our life with ourselves! We are our life’s most worthwhile investment, greatest masterpiece, and most important relationship! In this work-shop series we will use intention to refocus and redefine our relationship with ourselves. We will come together to imagine and discover new possibilities for our wellness and relationship with the self. We will connect with our peers through activities, discussions, and structured curriculum to find peace, compassion, and tranquility within ourselves. We will create a community where we feel heard, validated, and empowered to invest in our relationship with ourselves and pursue, maintain, and/or recover wellness on our terms.

What will you learn?
• How to invest in our relationship with our self and engage in self-discovery
• What core beliefs and values are and how we can celebrate the ones that serve us and release the ones that don’t
• To combat the inner critic and foster self-compassion to increase self-esteem and self confidence
• To leverage self-reflection to build creative and healthy coping mechanisms and self-care practices
• To celebrate yourself, bolster your inherent resilience, and make your inner child proud