How to upload supporting documents

All OSAP supporting documents should be uploaded to your OSAP account. This process reduces your application time and provides you with access to view your uploaded documents and to check the status of your submission online. This functionality is available under the “Print Your Documents” page once you are logged into the OSAP website.

For details on how to properly upload your documents and forms please refer to the instructions below or print the Instructions for Uploading Your Required Documents and Forms – OSAP.


How to Scan a Document to Create a PDF File

    • Scan each of your required documents separately.
    • Make sur you include all of the pages in your document as one file i.e. your signature pages (4) should be scanned as one document.
    • Save each document in PDF Format not as a photo or picture
    • Scan your document as a black and white document, even if the document is in colour.
    • If you have a “dpi” (dots per inch) option, set it to 150 or 200. Otherwise, use the smallest size option to create the file.
    • Make sure your scanned document is clear and easy to read before saving it as a PDF (.pdf ) file format.

Steps to Upload a Document

  1. Log into your OSAP account and go to your OSAP application (full-time or part time)
  2. Under your application click Print or Upload documentsthis will take you to the Required Documents (print/upload) page
  3. Locate your pdf file using the “browse” button.
  4. Select the file and click on “open”.

You will get a message confirming if your document was accepted for upload purposes. Repeat the process for each required document.


    • You can only upload a file that is a PDF format.
    • You cannot upload a file that is password protected.
    • You cannot upload a file that is larger than 2 MB in size.

Declaration and Signature Pages

    • All declaration and signatures pages must be printed first so that you, your parent(s) and/or spouse (as applicable) can sign the pages as required.
    • Use dark blue or black ink when signing the pages.
    • Scan each type of declaration pages separately. For instance, your signature pages will be a separate file than the declaration and signature pages of your parent(s).
    • Each declaration and signature pages file must include all pages of the document
    • Your signature page documents can be up to 5 MB in size
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