Durham College Honours Bachelor of Health Care Technology Management

No, HCTM is a degree program offered exclusively by Durham College (DC). While the college does offer many diploma-to-degree pathways in partnership with Ontario Tech, HCTM is not one of them. It is a four-year (120 credits) bachelor degree developed and offered entirely through the college.

HCTM graduates will earn an honours bachelor degree and be eligible for Masters-level studies, provided they meet all additional entry requirements specified by the receiving institution.

DC’s degrees are four-year (120 credit) degrees that are quality assured by the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board, after being referred by Ontario’s Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development. The quality standards are as dictated by the Ontario Qualification Framework, specifically section 11. Baccalaureate/Bachelor’s Degree Honours, which is identical to the corresponding section of the University Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations. As such, graduates of DC degree programs are eligible for Masters level studies, provided they meet all additional entry requirements specified by the receiving institution.

Ontario colleges began offering four-year bachelor degree programs in 2002 to provide a unique option for students looking to integrate theory with intensive applied learning. College degrees offer students career-focused education that combines the best of both the theoretical knowledge and analytical skills traditionally associated with a university education and the applied skills acquired through a college education.  Students graduate with the comprehensive theory and practical experience required by employers in today’s competitive and quickly evolving workforce. College degree students have the opportunity to put theory into practice in the course of their studies, gaining work experience and hands-on training in advance of graduating. College degree curriculums are also developed in collaboration with Program Advisory Committees comprising subject matter experts, employers and leaders in the field, to ensure students develop the skills and knowledge employers need and are prepared to immediately enter their field of choice.

Graduates of DC’s HCTM degree can go on to work with hospitals and clinics, government agencies, independent service providers, medical equipment manufacturers, medical laboratories, regulatory authorities and technical sales and support organizations. Their career options can also include roles in consulting, capital equipment procurement, leadership positions in biomedical engineering technology, medical technology assessment, project management, regulatory compliance and more.

Yes - we are currently laying the groundwork for new degree programs with a launch targeted for 2019.