First Generation

How can I contact the first generation student co-ordinator?

Lucy Romao Vandepol

First Generation Student Co-ordinator
Student Services building, SSB 211
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
T: 905.721.2000 ext. 3458

For more information please visit

I am a first generation student, how can I get my parents and/or family to understand what I am going through?

The best way to help them to understand your student experience is to involve them and provide them with information. You can:

  • Encourage them to visit the Parent and Family section of the website; and
  • Request a parent and family calendar to offer your family member.
I don't feel that I can turn to my parents and/or family for support. Who can I turn to?

There are many people at Durham College that you can turn to for support starting with the first generation student co-ordinator.

What is the purpose of the First Generation Initiative?

This initiative provides services to FG students to enhance their learning and development and support their continued success while at Durham College.

What services are offered through the first generation student co-ordinator?

The first generation student co-ordinator:

    • Answers questions about the college experience
    • Offers e-mentoring
    • Provides information sharing and the facilitation of connections with on-campus resources, and
    • Supports parents and family members with information to support their student.
Who is a "First generation" student?

A “first generation” student is a student whose parent(s)/guardian(s) has/have not attended post-secondary studies. If their siblings have attended a post-secondary institution but their parent(s)/guardian(s) have not, they are still considered a first generation student.