Second Career Online programs

Where do I start?
  1. The first step is to visit an Employment Ontario assessment centre. A case counsellor will talk to you about your career goals and if Second Career is right for you.
  2. Determine the program you wish to attend with the help of your counsellor.
  3. Meet with Durham College to get help with your research on your program of choice.
  4. Revisit your case counsellor and inform her or him of your decision and/or acceptance.
Am I eligible for funding?

If you have been laid off on or after January 1, 2005, you could be eligible for funding. Individuals who have taken an interim job working 20 hours per week or less after their layoff may also be eligible.

Contact 1.800.387.5656 for the location of the nearest Employment Ontario assessment centre to see if you qualify for funding.

As a mature student am I required to meet the entrance requirements that are listed for my program of choice?

Applicants aged 19 or older as of the first day of school, and who do not possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), may be considered for admission as mature students. Mature applicants must complete all program prerequisites to be considered for admission and are considered on an individual basis.

Do you accept the GED?

Yes, Durham College may accept the GED for non-highly competitive programs and programs where there are no minimum percentage requirements.

Does Durham College set aside space for Second Career eligible applicants?

No. Second Career eligible applicants follow the same application procedure as all applicants and must meet the same eligibility criteria and applicable deadlines.

How do I apply to Durham College online programs?

Admission Requirement Forms are found on each diploma website. This is an internal application process, you do not apply through the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS).

How do I obtain my transcripts?

High school transcripts can be obtained by contacting the last high school you attended. If they do not have your transcripts on file they will direct you to the school board office.

My counsellor said I need an acceptance letter, how do I get this from Durham College for online programs?

If your program requires an Admission Requirement Form you will need to submit this to After acceptance your official letter of acceptance will be supplied with your Second Career Proposal documents.

What are NOC codes?

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2006 provides a standardized language for describing the work performed by Canadians in the labour market. The NOC tool classifies occupations with a four-digit code according to skill type and level. The digits of the NOC code reflect important information about the occupation it represents. By providing a standard way of organizing labour market information, the NOC helps all Canadians become better informed about the world of work.

What financial support is available?

The total amount of financial assistance available for an individual’s Second Career training is $28,000. This includes tuition, books and other instructional costs, transportation and basic living allowance (during skills training). Additional costs may be considered for disability accommodation, dependent care, living away from home and academic upgrading.

What if I attended high school, college or university more than 20 years ago?

Your transcripts will still be on file with the school or board office. Please contact the school for further instructions on how to obtain your transcript. Please expect two to four weeks to receive the documents.

What if I don't have the entrance requirements listed for my program of choice?

If there are prerequisite courses that are necessary for your skills training for Second Career, one year is allowed to complete the necessary prerequisites.

Durham College offers Academic Upgrading that can help you to reach the admissions requirements of your program or you can complete academic upgrading through your local board of education. All credits completed must be at the level indicated for the program. For more information on academic upgrading options, please feel free to contact the Second Career office at 905.721.3219.

What if I have already completed some of the courses required to obtain my diploma in the program I have chosen?

If the courses you have taken were completed within the last four or five years, you may be eligible to transfer your credits towards your diploma.

If you have completed a full semester or more of a program, you may be eligible for advanced standing into your program of choice. For more information, please contact the Admissions and Recruitment office at 905.721.3000 or

What if I have international transcripts?

Applicants who have been educated outside Canada must submit proof of educational qualifications. All documents should be sent to either ICAS or WES where they will be evaluated to determine if the level of achievement is equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

  • ICAS – International Credential Assessment Service 1.800.321.6021 (toll free) or 519.763.7282
  • WES – World Education Services 1.866.343.0070 (toll free) or 416.972.0070
What is the URL for the Ontario Second Career website?

For more information please visit:

What online programs qualify for Second Career?

In order to qualify for Second Career funding, programs must be six months to two years in length and meet the National Occupational Classification (NOC Code) Level B or C. To view a list of Durham College online programs that qualify for funding click here.

When is the deadline date for payment?

Upon approval for Second Career funding the student must forward a copy of their Second Career contract to the Second Career Online Advisor. You will be registered in your online courses and an invoice will be sent to you. Payment terms are 30 days after your course start date.

Will you accept a copy of my transcript?

All transcripts must be originals. In some cases we can accept a faxed copy directly from the training institution.