Student Life

I am having a difficult time adjusting to college life. Who can help me?

Contact your e-mentor – check your DC Mail or your personal email account to see who is your e-mentor, or contact

I would like to get involved in extra-curricular activities, but do not know where to start?

Check out a listing of campus activities at and login using your MyCampus login information. Click on ‘search for Activities’.

A sample of activities include:

  • Explore co-pilots with an international/domestic student, explore a culture, discover a friend;
  • Checking out the Durham Lords varsity athletics programs;
  • Helping plan next year’s orientation programming as a member of the Institute of Student Leadership; and
  • Visiting Durham College’s Student Inc. (DCSI) for a complete listing of campus clubs, intramurals and other on-campus events.

What is the Co-curricular Recognition program?

The program:

  • Provides a directory for campus activities including the contact person for each activity;
  • Supports and recognizes student participation and leadership in qualifying campus activities;
  • Allows students to produce an official co-curricular record of their campus involvement in activities such as sports, orientation, councils and committees, student clubs, and student government;
  • Each activity added to a student’s co-curricular record is verified by a staff person before being included on their official co-curricular record; and
  • Supports the Student Leadership Awards Program.

Where is Student Life located?

Centre for Collaborative Education (CFCE), 131 in the office of Student Diversity, Inclusion and Transitions

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Where do I get my student handbooks?

Student handbooks are distributed from the office of Student Diversity, Inclusion and Transitions or if students are registered with the Access and Support Centre (ASC).

All post-secondary students who have not opted-out of the Student Activity fee/Student Life fee will receive a copy of the handbook.

What is the Student Leadership Awards Program?

The leadership awards program recognizes students who are involved in on-campus activities which encompass a leadership role. Awards are given to students during their convocation ceremony. Learn more about the awards in the co-curricular portal at (log in using your MyCampus login information).