About this class

Its invasion of Ukraine three months ago was never meant to be the “long and protracted conflict” that Russia now says it is preparing for.

Ukraine’s resistance against its much larger adversary will likely be viewed as one of history’s great stands, a powerful testament of human courage, sacrifice, and ingenuity.

No less than Winston Churchill, though, the great wartime leader to whom Ukraine’s president has been compared, found himself during peacetime brought down by the intolerance and indifference that are all too familiar among those in power, it should not be forgotten.

Russia’s war on Ukraine is a test for us all. We have seen in Afghanistan what can happen when courage and sacrifice serve in the end only to take us backward. How do we ensure that a similar fate does not befall Ukraine in the end?

Our guest has had a first-hand, closeup view of the longer term consequences of resistance and the determination to effect genuine change. With our classmates from Ukraine and diverse parts of the world providing their distinct  perspectives, together we will explore with our guest what lies ahead in the most significant  conflict humanity has faced since The Second World War.