About this class

Not since The Second World War have we been faced with a crisis on the scale of the war that is presently unfolding in Europe.

In just weeks, since Russia began the latest of its attacks on its neighbor, Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians have been killed, many more have been maimed, villages and towns and a city have been flattened. Millions of Ukrainians have been displaced.

And looming over all of this is the specter of a wider war in which Russia, the largest country on earth with the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear missiles, remains the aggressor.

How we address this crisis, what actions we take collectively or individually, whether we succeed in averting wider war or ultimately fail in our efforts, will be felt for years, perhaps generations to come.

In this class, we explore with our guests from Ukraine, as well as from another part of the world where conflict and crisis persist for many of its peoples, what the costs and roots are of such conflicts and what are the actions we should take to address them.