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Indigenous advisory circle

The Durham College Indigenous Advisory Circle was formed to provide Indigenous Peoples with the opportunity to advise and make recommendations to the college. These recommendations will focus on creating a welcoming and respectful environment that values Indigenous history, culture, world view, and ways of knowing. The Circle is charged with a collective responsibility to represent the needs and interests of Indigenous students and their communities.

The Indigenous Advisory Circle’s role is to advise the college in matters related to Indigenous student participation in post-secondary education and their ultimate success to graduation. This mandate includes providing advice and recommendations on:

  • Student recruitment strategies
  • Culturally respectful events, ceremonies, and activities
  • Culturally respectful support services
  • Infusion of meaningful Indigenous content, awareness and sensitivity in all courses/programs
  • Increasing Indigenous student completion rates

Members of Durham College's Indigenous Advisory Circle:

  • Melanie Martin, Chairperson
  • Shirley Williams, Elder
  • Cecile Wagar
  • Claire Kearns
  • Allison Hector-Alexander
  • Meri Kim Oliver
  • Kevin Baker
  • Mary George
  • Erin Elmhurst
  • Mary Watson
  • Rebecca Milburn
  • Roxanne Miller
  • William Jessome
  • Julie Pigeon
  • Peggy Forbes

Indigenous Advisory Terms of Reference