Co-pilots program

Co-Pilots connects Durham College students from different cultural backgrounds as partners to explore Canada’s multicultural society over the course of a semester, together. Co-Pilots develop important intercultural skills and make new friends.

What’s involved?

  • Participate in two group meetings per semester (first and last)
  • Engage in two additional cultural activities with your Co-Pilot per semester. This can be on-campus events like Pangea, off-campus DC trips like Niagara Falls, or public festivals and events.
  • Meet your Co-Pilot one-on-one four times per semester to go for coffee, play a sport at he CRWC, skate at the Campus Ice Centre, take a walk through a park, attend a religious or cultural ceremony together, engage in a tradition or ritual at home, etc.
  • Attend two Stammtisch club meetings. What’s Stammtisch? Read more in the Program Guide.
  • Keep a journal of your Co-Pilot activities. This can be in the form for a blog, photo journal, designated social media account, letters/postcards, or written diary.

At the end of the semester, having successfully completed the Co-Pilot requirements, you will earn co-curricular credit on your Durham College record.

Ready to co-navigate the semester with a Co-Pilot? Apply here.

Read more about Co-Pilots here. 

“The Co-Pilots program is the best thing that has happened to me at Durham College”

“My partner helped me during a difficult time when I was very homesick”

“I am so happy this program started before I graduated. I will 100% re enrol next year and am looking forward to meeting my new partner”

“I like to start my work the day I get it and my partner likes to procrastinate. We both get good grades but I learned to relax a little and she learned to give herself more time”

“I don’t want to say that this is our last Co-Pilots meeting because it makes me sad so I will pretend it is just another meeting”