The English Language Centre (ELC)

Located in the Greater Toronto Area at Durham College Oshawa Campus, The English Language Centre (ELC) provides a language pathway for students who meet the academic requirements for admission to Durham College but require additional English language training. Qualified students will receive conditional admission to their Durham College diploma or certificate program at the same time as they receive admission to the ELC.


    • Seven levels to develop the competencies needed for academic programs at Durham College
    • Out-of-class learning activities
    • English only environment
    • Conversation groups, cultural and social activities, optional field trips and activities
    • Eight (8) weeks (175 hours total) for each level
    • 25 hours a week minimum
    • Small classes averaging 14 students
    • Six start dates offered every year
    • Peer-mentorship program

    Students will be placed according to the results of the placement test that will be performed at the English Language Centre upon their arrival.

    Our Levels:

    All of our levels lasts eight (8) weeks and students can quickly progress from level to level as they improve their English proficiency.
    PRE EAP > EAP 1000 > EAP 2000 > EAP 3000 > EAP 4000 > EAP 5000 > EAP 6000

    How Students Transition to Durham College:
    EAP- 4000:When students successfully finish EAP-4000, Direct entry to most Diploma and Certificate programs
    EAP- 5000:When students successfully finish EAP-5000, Direct Entry to Durham College Graduate Certificate programs
    EAP- 6000:When students successfully finish EAP -6000, Direct Entry to Practical Nursing and Communicative Disorders Program


    1. Apply using our application portal at
    2. Receive a Conditional Letter of Admission for your Durham College Program
    3. Receive your Letter of Admission for your ELC program
    4. Study at ELC and pass the appropriate level
    5. Begin your studies at Durham College


    The following fees are charged for a eight-week session of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.

    100 per cent of these fees are due the second Monday of the session. 

    Item Fees (2021-2022)
    Tuition $3,041.29
    International Health Insurance  $99
    Student Support Program $9
    Sport and Recreation $22.92
    Instructional Resource $36.13
    Student Safety and Accessibility $21.55
    ELC Diagnostic Testing $30
    Student ID Charge $19.14

    Important note: Fees are subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure the fees listed on this page are accurate. In the event of an inconsistency between the fees published here and those approved by the university's Board of Governors and/or administration, the latter shall prevail.

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