Bio-Processing is a one-semester course with one scheduled hour of lecture and three scheduled hours of laboratory time per week. This project-based course will allow students in the final semester of the Biotechnology - Advanced program to put into practice the skills and knowledge that they have developed in their program, while working in a team environment. Each member of a student team will lead a written group project. In the laboratory, student teams will conduct two concurrent pilot bioprocessing processes. In one process teams will express and purify a functional enzyme from a microorganism using standard methods. In the other teams will carry out successive small-scale fermentations to convert a starting material into a product via an intermediate. Students will run assays to monitor both processes and to assess the quality and purity of the process intermediates and products. Students will be taught fundamental leadership skills; how to set up and maintain a laboratory notebook; how to write a research proposal and a business plan; and how to write a journal article, a formal laboratory report, and a certificate of analysis. Student will develop a plan for ongoing personal and professional development. Fermentation theory, sustainability, and fundamental business concepts will also be discussed in the lectures.