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Music Business Practicum I

This course is unique and is part of the program's curriculum for the first four semesters. Students work together participating in music industry-related "initiatives" in order to gain knowledge and skills essential to operating a business. They are required achieve a minimum of 30 hours of approved, practical work experience during each semester. Working with first- and second-year peers under the guidance of the professors, students are responsible for facilitating all aspects of several initiatives including record labels, a recording studio, artist management companies, event production, merchandising, and more. The working world is simulated as much as possible, as students apply for jobs, and, with their teams, create a business plan and work toward achieving its goals. Students also determine and work on individual course learning goals and additional assignments and evaluations. Initiatives may also work on approved entertainment projects/activities for the Music Business Administration/ Management program, the Student Association and Student Centre, community organizations, and/or other college programs and clubs. Students must follow established procedure as dictated by MBA/MBM process.